16 Colorful Interior Design Ideas

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 13

Playing with colors is a fun thing, especially if you use many colors to design your home interior. Once, people often felt scares to use a lot of color for designing their home interior. Now it is very different. You can use colors as much as possible to express your idea through your home. A colorful interior design will bring cheerfulness into your home for the whole family members. If you don’t have any idea yet about this, you can take a look at these 16 colorful interior design ideas first.


1. Colorful Interior with World Map

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

Using a world map as your home wallpaper is one of a unique interior design ideas. It is perfect to be used in your dining room together with colorful table and chairs.


2. Colorful Stairs Interior

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

When you have a free space near your stairs, it is your chance to make it looks awesome using many colors and some lovely decoration.


3. Colorful and Natural Interior

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 3

Source: Pinterest

A colorful interior design is always perfect to be combined with natural style. So you can use planters to make your colorful room looks more natural.


4. Colorful Yellow Interior

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 4

Source: Pinterest

If you want to design your home with colorful interior totally, you can paint the wall with bright color as you wish. After that, fill your home with colorful furniture and patterned stuff.


5. Colorful Pink Bathroom Interior

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 5

Source: Pinterest

Your bathroom can be the most colorful room if you design it with awesome color too like pink. You can also use a cute wallpaper for the wall.


6. Soft Turquoise Kitchen Interior

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 6

Source: Pinterest

The turquoise color is kind of soft blue. This beautiful color is perfect to make your kitchen more lovely and creating a colorful interior design.


7. Green Bold Bathroom

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 7

Source: Pinterest

If you need a different interior design for your bathroom, try to use colorful color like this one. The green color will make your bathroom pretty and also fresh.


8. Pretty Purple Kitchen Island

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 8

Source: Pinterest

You don’t have to make all your kitchen stuff turn into something beautiful. You can just use your kitchen island as the only object to be applied with purple color.


9. Green Kitchen Wall

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 9

Source: Pinterest

A white tile in a kitchen is too usual if you need a colorful interior. You can use green tiles to decor your kitchen interior for creating a colorful kitchen.


10. Colorful Summer Living Room

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest

Summer is a perfect time to make makeover your living room with a colorful interior design. You just need to use colorful furniture with pretty flowers.


11. Colorful Bedroom Interior

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 11

Source: Pinterest

Yellow bed with pink pillows can give you a colorful bedroom interior design in an easy way. You may need beautiful lanterns and red flowers too to complete it.


12. Colorful Living Room with Wall Art

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 12

Source: Pinterest

You can’t let the wall of your living room looks empty when you already use colorful sofa and pillows in it. Using a wall art to decor the wall is enough for it.


13. Colorful Slide Door

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 13

Source: Pinterest

The sliding door can be the best object to be used for making a colorful interior design. Try to paint the door with a bright color like orange. It will make your home feels fresh.


14. Green Fresh Kitchen

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 14

Source: Pinterest

When green color on your kitchen wall is not enough for your kitchen, you can add some grant accent with real natural decoration like plants.


15. Colorful Living Room Interior

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 15

Source: Pinterest

The colorful rug with green sofa and awesome wall art are perfect to create a colorful interior design for your living room.


16. Colorful Stairs with Photos Gallery

Colorful Interior Design Ideas 16

Source: Pinterest

Big stairs with a large wall will be perfect to be designed with photos gallery. You can also fill up the free area near the stairs with colorful stuff like a rug, table, and also flowers.

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