5 Cool Ideas to Make Your Work Environment Inspiring

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Does your work environment feel kind of boring, drab, and just plain uninspiring? Whether you work in an open office, a cubicle, a retail store, or an auto repair shop, here are some cool ideas to liven up your work space.

1. Get some LED strip lights

Lighting is the first thing most people focus on when they want to turn their space into a more aesthetically-pleasing environment. How an area is lit will make a significant impact on how you feel in the space and even your level of productivity.

Although dealing with overhead lighting does require a professional to get it right, adding LED strip lights isn’t that hard. All you need to do is find rolls with the right color, size, look, and length that you need to cover the areas you’re targeting. For instance, you might want to put strip lights under some overhead cabinets, your computer monitor, or your desk.

If you work in a more open space, like an auto repair shop, use the LED lights to illuminate dark corners and shelving. Light up all the places that overhead light doesn’t tend to reach very well. However, you may want to avoid using smart light strips that can be accessed with an app. Once someone accesses your company’s network through any smart device, they can monitor the web traffic, which compromises cybersecurity. Smart LED light strips are an unnecessary liability for your vehicle maintenance team.

2. Start interesting conversations

Maybe you work in a retail environment or somewhere without an office. Starting interesting conversations with your coworkers is one of the easiest ways to liven up your work day. You don’t have to dive deep and start asking what they think the meaning of life is, but get creative and ask some random or fun questions to get a chat going.

Good conversations with your coworkers can make everyone feel good, and that’s the key to having a good time at work. No matter what you do, there’s always a way to enjoy the day, even if you don’t like your actual work tasks.

3. Personalize your space

You’ve probably seen at least one person go out of their way to decorate their work space with personal décor. This can include putting up photos of their friends, family, and pets, or just adding their own personal style in the form of decorations.

If you need some inspiration, here are some of the coolest ways people have decorated their cubicles. For instance, someone made their cubicle into a gingerbread house, while another person covered the outer walls in faux stone with a sign to make their office space look like a bistro.

Whatever type of space you work in, go to the limits of your employment policies to decorate it as much as possible. It’s important to do what you can to make your office or space look good because it will positively impact your mood, boost your performance, and make your work days so much more enjoyable.

4. Be a team player

In addition to changing the aesthetics of your office or work space, being a team player who is willing to cooperate fully with other people on projects can make a massive difference in how you feel each day. When you orient yourself toward collaboration, you not only become someone other people want to connect with, but you can achieve better outcomes, which ultimately makes everyone feel great.

5. Acknowledge other people

When people are acknowledged for their contributions to the team, their attitude, or their willingness to help out, it makes them feel seen and heard. Whenever you get the chance, acknowledge your coworkers for who they are and what they contribute to your life and the team.

Maybe you know someone who always has brilliant solutions to things that seem like setbacks. Or maybe there’s someone on your team who is just an outstanding salesperson. Next time you see them, give them a simple acknowledgment and tell them you appreciate them. While the idea isn’t to expect anything in return, usually, it gets other people to acknowledge their coworkers as well, and the result is a more harmonic work environment where everyone feels good.

Your workspace should make you happy

Everyone has to work to some degree, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your environment. Tasks can be challenging or frustrating, and you can’t control that. However, you can exercise some control over your mood by creating a work environment that makes you happy.

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