5 Kitchen Island Styles for Your Home

5 Kitchen Island Styles For Your Home (1)

Kitchen islands are very useful. It is a multifunctional component that your household should not miss. It is always an advantage if you have a spacious kitchen, but don’t get disappointed if you have a small kitchen space. You can still place a kitchen island on it. Even the tiniest kitchen island has a great potential to offer a handful of benefits.

When choosing a kitchen island, make sure that it gives you an extra counter space. Kitchen islands are useful and very versatile as it can become an eating spot, storage drawers, shelves, and/or hooks. Another important thing to consider is that the island size should fit well in your kitchen. Here are 7 kitchen island design suggestions that you can choose from!

1. Islet


5 Kitchen Island Styles For Your Home (2)

An islet type is flexible since it can fit well whether you have had a small space in your kitchen or not. It may be tiny but there are a lot of uses this cute piece can offer. Islets are space-saving, and you can also have the option to put drawers on it for other storage purposes.

2. Movable types

5 Kitchen Island Styles For Your Home (3)

Movable types of furniture in the kitchen can make your life easier since you can work and/or clean the tough spots easily. This idea can also be applied to your kitchen island. If you’re not yet using your kitchen island, you can just move it to allow more space.

3. Kitchen’s Hidden Chest

5 Kitchen Island Styles For Your Home (4)

It has become a habit for some homeowners to use up every space and corner of a room. The first prospect we can think when we want to make use of every material in the kitchen is the island.

There is also an option to place drawers on your kitchen island for storing utensils. Some islands also have wine holes which can be utilized to stock wines and save space. These are just a few ideas in organizing and saving space in your kitchen using the island.

4. Dine and Wash


5 Kitchen Island Styles For Your Home (5)If you are the person who doesn’t want to move a lot when cooking, this kind of kitchen island is your must have. The dine and wash kitchen island has a built-in sink and faucet. With this feature, you can wash your hands immediately when preparing food. Of course, you can also wash the ingredients in the sink to avoid going back and forth from the main kitchen area.

You can also use the kitchen island as a dining area— especially when you are in a and don’t have enough time to properly prepare. It is always convenient to have a dine and wash kitchen island.

5. Scullery for An Island

5 Kitchen Island Styles For Your Home (1)

Some homeowners want to have a unique set of their furniture. A scullery is a kitchen island that is very convenient because you can cook, eat, and wash all at the same place.

Indeed, kitchen islands proved that they are multifunctional. That you can have a lot of activities and you can double and multiply its purpose. It is always your choice whether what kind of islands you will use or if you will have it on your own will.

Katie Jones is the content curator and editor of Dr Drip plumbing. She is always on the lookout for new and useful tips with regards to home improvement and plumbing to share with the online community!

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