4 Stunning Fireplace Decorating Ideas

ACK House 18

As the best spot in your home to create a warmer atmosphere, a fireplace is also a nice object to decorate. You can decorate a fireplace for your special events, such as birthdays, fall, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. Small things also work to make your fireplace looks awesome and pretty. Need more ideas? Here are some top fireplace decorating ideas to inspire you.


1. Wovoka by Costa Brown Architecture

Wovoka 2

It is a unique house that has a unique interior design too. Wovoka has a contemporary interior design with a unique fireplace in its kitchen space. Made from concrete, this fireplace comes in a unique shape with a long chimney.

Photography: Costa Brown Architecture


2. Coastal Home by Bloomint Interior Design

Coastal Home 10

It is a welcoming house with a simple modern fireplace in its living room. Coastal Home also has a storage for the fireplace wood that also used as an additional seating area for relaxing. With the wooden furniture surrounding, this fireplace looks perfect with the Mediterranean interior design of the room.

Photography: Bloomint Interior Design


3. Chez Michelle by Bloomint Interior Design

Chez Michelle 8

This house has an awesome contemporary interior in each room, including its living room. Chez Michelle completes its joyful and colorful interior design by decorating its fireplace with some candles and small decorations on the mantel.

Photography: Bloomint Interior Design


4. ACK House by Studio AG Architecture

ACK House 18

The amazing contemporary design in ACK House can be found in its living room. This room has a simple fireplace made of concrete. The appearance of this concrete looks perfect with the grey sofa and wooden elements inside the room.

Photographer: Ricardo Bassetti

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