How to Build a Raised Deck: A Step-By-Step Guide

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If you live in a home that’s higher off the ground, like a raised bungalow or bi-level, then you should definitely consider installing a raised deck. Over just a few weekends you can have yourself a basic raised deck for not a lot of money. Having a raised deck won’t only improve your home’s curbside appeal but it will give you more opportunities to enjoy your property too.

Interested in learning more? Then continue reading and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to build a raised deck.

Determine How Much Wood You’re Going to Need

Make a design or plan for your deck. Sometimes, a specialist at a hardware store will help you with this if you purchase supplies from them. It’s also fairly easy to make your own raised deck design.

Remember that you’ll lose some length on the height and depth of each board.

First, you want to determine the width and length. You’ll also want to figure out how high the steps will be and how many rails you’re going to need. Bring these numbers to your local hardware shop and have someone help you get the necessary supplies.

And if you ever have any issues, you can always consult with a professional deck builder.

Lay Out and Dig the Footings

If you don’t already have one, connect a ledger board to the house. Use mason string and batter boards to lay out the placement of the footings. You’ll generally need around four footings for a standard, single-level deck.

Dig one-foot wide holes for the footings. The depth should be deep enough so that it goes below the frost line. The frost line is usually four feet below the ground.

To make the work easier, you can rent a power auger. If you want, you can also dig your holes manually.

Premix your concrete and place the posts into the holes. Make sure that the posts are all level.

Then, fill the holes with concrete. Check several times and make sure that all of the posts are aligned. The concrete will then need two days to cure.

Trim and Brace the Posts

After the concrete has cured, go ahead and trim the top of each post. Reinforce the posts with joist hangers and wood. These are going to be temporary joists.

Install Permanent Joists

Using joist hangers, you should attach the permanent joists to the ledger. Make sure that the blocking pieces are fastened between them in order to make sure that twisting doesn’t happen. Then, take off the temporary joists.

Install the Decking

Get the seams of the decking board to be centered over the joists. Fasten the seams with deck screws.

You should install the first row of decking perpendicular to the joists. The rest should be staggered.

Build the Stairs

Pour concrete where the base of the stairs is going to be. Dig some posts and install the framing.

Screw the decking board into the joists and then install the rails.

The Importance of Knowing How to Build a Raised Deck

By knowing how to build a raised deck, you can improve your home’s look while also feeling accomplished. And if it ever seems to difficult, you can always hire a professional.

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