Complete Guide to Choosing Furniture for Small Spaces

Domestic room interior with couches, shelves, small table and rack with clothes


Finding the right furniture for a small apartment is often a challenge. Picking appropriate items sometimes seems like a herculean task. Whether it’s choosing kitchenware storage or shopping for beds and bed frames, a bit of research is required so as to avoid frustrations.

If your house lacks square footage, you can still make the most of your interior spaces by choosing furniture that complements your layout. As you purchase these pieces from companies like Vidaxl, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Invest in Visually Light Furniture

A small living room will feel bigger if you leave as much visible floor space as possible as well as allow natural light to illuminate the house. To achieve this goal, you should select living room furniture that is visually light in color. The visual lightness of the furniture comes from its color and small frame.

This idea enables you to achieve a minimalist feel by using furniture with a slim frame and legs that keep it off the ground. For a home that is eye-catching, you must understand how to match specific colors. Make sure you research this to learn how to successfully combine colors to create a feeling of more space.

Avoid Too Much Furniture

There is a tendency for people to overcrowd their rooms with unnecessary pieces of furniture when we decorate a room. The result is a messy and cluttered home, which will take too much of your time decluttering. Instead of filling your space with tons of small furniture, focus on the larger furniture. This small space should not only accommodate these pieces but also allow you to move freely.

If you choose a larger coffee table to fill the middle of your seating area, it will look more elegant than a small coffee table floating in the middle of the room. It will act as the anchor in the room, giving plenty of space to move around. In the kitchen, you can save space by storing jars under shelves. Simply screw the lids on the shelf or cabinet and then unscrew them when needed.

Wall-Mounted Furniture

Furniture can help you maximise the space without requiring you to buy or build another piece. Why build or buy a cabinet when you can incorporate clothes storage below the bed? What can you do when your home is too small to keep chairs out in the open all the time? Put a hook on the wall. Fold your chair flat and hang it on the wall when they are not in use.

In a small living room, you do not have the luxury of space for a table or unit that can hold decorations. Instead, install a floating side table in a place that is convenient for your books and perhaps a morning tea.

Use Multifunctional Furniture

If you live in a small apartment, it is better to use furniture that is multifunctional or expandable. A sofa bed is a good example of multifunctional furniture. You could also invest in a table where you can both work and have a meal. The use of multifunctional furniture will clear up more floor space, thereby making moving around much easier. It will also save you money since you do not have to buy additional furniture.

Another example is an easy-to-move set such as a double-decker cart. It will not only serve as an extra kitchen prep area but also as a bar cart or appetizer station in the living room when you have guests.


A rough sketch and an idea of what you would like to include in your small living space will help you achieve the perfect design for your house. Take some time to understand your options and outline your specific goals before you start.

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