Divine Dwelling Details: 7 Outstanding Home Furniture Ideas to Enrich Your Living Environment

Sofa in a modern living room

A home without furniture is not an ideal home. By choosing furniture carefully for your home, you can provide a comfortable living place for your family. Besides considering the materials of the furniture, you may also need to consider the color, shape, and functionality based on your needs. Need more ideas? Here are some remarkable home furniture ideas to inspire you.


1. Tech House by Cushing Terrell

Tech House 2

In this contemporary house, some different home furniture is used to beautify the living room. Each piece of furniture in this room of Tech House has its own uniqueness, such as a black leather sofa and white chairs with soft fluffy surfaces. For a more decorative look, this living room also uses a colorful rug.

Photographer: Gibeon Photography


2. Thompson Lake House by Cushing Terrell

Thompson Lake House 2

As a private retreat of wood, Thompson Lake House offers a serene and also welcoming atmosphere that also comes from its furniture. In this living room, simple white sofas are used as the main furniture to gather. A wooden sofa table is also added that can be used to put books or room decoration.

Photographer: Deborah Hardee Photography


3. Bronwood House by Blue Truck Studio

Bronwood House 6

This mid-century modern home has a partial second-story addition and a lot of details. These details are also added by choosing the best furniture for its interior spaces. In Bronwood House, the living and dining areas are located on the same floor, adjacent to each other. These rooms are dominated by wooden furniture, especially for the table and chairs.

Photographer: Gregg Segal


4. GATES by Blue Truck Studio


This family residence is renovated with some comfortable expansive rooms. GATES also has a pretty outdoor area that is used for the family to gather. For this area, choosing outdoor furniture will be the best idea, such as an outdoor table, chair, and bench. In this residence, a grey rug is also added to complete the outdoor furniture’s appearance.

Photographer: Open Homes Photography


5. 30th Street House by Blue Truck Studio

30th Street House 14

The home furniture idea in 30th Street House is very simple. In its dining area, a wooden table is used to bring a natural accent. The wall on this room is also used to install a wooden bookshelf where the house owner can put some books.

Photographer: Gregg Segal


6. Villa Vingt by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects

Villa Vingt 5

The strong presence of Villa Vingt not only comes from its design but also from its furniture. In its spacious living area, the long grey sofa is used to beautify the interior. This sofa looks perfect with the black glazed wall frame and the black TV with storage.

Photographer: Adrien William


7. ELLSWORTH by Blue Truck Studio


This residential project is about a worn bungalow that was rebuilt into a modern tower with honor to its surroundings’ architectural styles. ELLSWORTH has a spacious space filled in with simple home furniture. Small wooden stools are chosen for the kitchen area while a grey sofa is added for the living room of the house.

Photographers: Ike Edeani, Ken Gutmaker, Eduardo Navarro, and Peter Liang

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