17 Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks for Organizing Stuff

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 9

Some easy DIY kitchen hacks will help you so much to bring a unique design for your kitchen. These ideas are very useful for small kitchen to organize it in a better way. The hacks are not only cheap but also easy to build. You can use some simple stuff around your house for creating a useful kitchen. Check out these creative and awesome 17 hacks of the easy DIY kitchen.


1. Small Hanger

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 1

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Use small hanger then put it inside your kitchen cabinet. you can hang some seasoning that you will use again later. using a paper clip to hang them on. you will have more free spaces for other stuff inside the cabinet.


2. Wooden Pallet

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 2

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Collect some old woods for creating wall hanger. it is very useful for hanging your precious cups. don’t forget to make simple decoration, for example with beautiful hand writing design on the top part of the pallet.


3. Counter-Top Hanger

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 3

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Awesome space like counter-top can be the most potential area for some kitchen hacks. get curtain rod with hooks then adjust its size with your kitchen counter-top. you can use it for every need, especially to get rid of counter-tops clutter.


4. Small Organize

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 4

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Small organize hacks will help you to put some kitchen stuff that you use often. just get a basket or a box then put you kitchen stuff inside. don’t forget to put it on your kitchen counter-top, so you can easily see it whenever you need it.


5. DIY Magnet Hacks

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 6

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Easy next hacks for your kitchen is using a magnet. use strong glue to stick you jar storage in the kitchen on counter-top. make sure the magnet that you use is working fine. fill the jar with some seasoning to keep them fresh.


6. Kitchen Pantry Organizing

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 7

Source: pinterest

If you have a pantry in your kitchen, use some baskets or jars to make it looks tidier. Baskets and jars are very useful to keep your seasoning or other foods in a good organizing.


7. Magazine Rack

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 8

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Magazine rack can be a different thing for your kitchen space. the idea is using magazine rack to organize your food. it is very easy to do and surely it can make your kitchen becomes an awesome room.


8. Wall Racks and Hanger

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 9

Source: pinterest

Free space on kitchen wall is the best place for you to create some great hacks. you can combine wall racks with a hanger to organize cooking tools and your precious plates in safe place.


9. Farmhouse Racks

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 10

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This hack is an awesome way to organize your fresh fruits and vegetables. use one rack then recycle it into great storage in your kitchen. The wire basket is more recommended for vegetable, fruits, and other foods.


10. Refrigerator Organization

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 11

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Kitchen refrigerator needs some hacks too. don’t put your food right inside it. it is better to use pretty storage for organizing them. separate each food according to its type.


11. Wire Rack and Plastic Divider

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 12

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You can use wire rack near your kitchen sink to put cleaning stuff. then for your kitchen drawer, use a plastic divider to keep your food containers and lids awesomely.


12. Smart Space-Saver

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 13

Source: pinterest

If you have small space of the kitchen, you can use smart space-saver with cupboard. it is a very good way for making your kitchen looks wider.


13. Cupboard Organization

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 14

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Don’t waste your time with buying another storage for the kitchen. Just use your kitchen door cupboard then change it into hanger organization.


14. Organized Frying Pans

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 15

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Get rid of your frying pans with this hack. put useful wire rack inside your kitchen cabinet. no more messy frying pan.


15. Country Store Kitchen Shelves

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 17

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You can create your own pantry inside kitchen using shelves and big glass canisters. The best hack for the best kitchen.


16. DIY Hanging Fruit Baskets

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 18

Source: pinterest

Another great hack for your food. making a fruit basket with cool wood then put it on your kitchen wall.


17. Utensil Racks

Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks 5

Source: pinterest

You just need 10 minutes to make this utensil rack for more organizing kitchen.

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