These 12 Budget Friendly DIY Home Decor Projects Are Worth Trying!

Easy Cheap Diy Home Decor Idea 28
Easy Cheap Diy Home Decor Idea 28

Home decor can be pricey if you buy it. But do you know how much money you can save by making it yourself? These 15 budget friendly DIY home decor projects are really something you need to consider about.


1. Constellation Blackboard

Screenshot 2017 08 29 13 58 09 Crop 720x707

Via instagram/stop_hammer_time_diy

This decor is perfect to decorate your corridor with its dim small lights. Use blackboard and chalk to make the constellation pattern. Hole it up and pin tiny light bulbs to make shining stars.


2. Hanging Lamps

Screenshot 2017 08 29 13 59 48 Crop 720x758

Via instagram/deedeesbeadies

Can’t afford fancy lightings for your kitchen island? Find a thick tree branch and some rustic cloth to wrap up your cable lamp. Now twirl the cable on the branch and hang the installation.


3. Written Board

Screenshot 2017 08 29 14 03 06 Crop 719x676

Via instagram/tayanna.abrahao.arq

Still have those several writing boards from college? Now is the time to write it up with nice words using nice paints. Do not forget to add up some ribbons and flower to sweeten it. Now hang them in front of your working desk as motivational decor.


4. Activity Clock

Screenshot 2017 08 29 14 04 10 Crop 719x645

Via instagram/enchantico

Personalize your counter clock with your own schedule activity. Use triplex or colored carton paper to make the base and decorate it with sticks and other ornaments. The clock machine is available in any clock stores.


5. Cloudy Room

Screenshot 2017 08 29 14 04 44 Crop 720x663

Via instagram/bea31461

Make a theme for your room decor and be creative to bring it real. For example, this cloudy-theme room uses cotton balls some wooden hanging counter to make the clouds. The raindrop is sewn flannel cloth attached on a thread.


6. Fence Backdrop

Screenshot 2017 08 29 14 07 39 Crop 719x688

Via instagram/dazzlewhilefrazzled

Repurpose your old wooden fence by mounting to the wall. Use it as a backdrop to display your family photos in frames. You can also use an old door or some kind.


7. Custom Frames

Screenshot 2017 08 29 14 07 58 Crop 720x829

Can’t afford branded photo frames? Now here is the cheapest solution of it to keep your photo display still looks nice. Make your own frame on the wall using markers, ribbons, or cute tapes.


8. Painted Stone

Screenshot 2017 08 29 14 10 59 Crop 720x487

Via instagram/angesfil

Wanting for some earthy decoration? Just go take it from the Mother Nature. Pick some stone will rather flat surface and paint it the way you like. Arrange it on display with some rustic backdrop.


9. Hanging Shelf

Screenshot 2017 08 29 14 12 03 Crop 720x355

Via instagram/diycarvalhov

Instead of hanging a piece of wooden board directly on the wall, why not add up a string on it to make a more dynamical sense?


10. Personal Hanger

Screenshot 2017 08 29 14 18 37 Crop 720x707

Via instagram/recicleedecore

Personalize your boring wall hanger by craft your name on it. All you need is just some nails and one long thread. You can make it more colorful by using more colored threads as well.


11. Origami Chandelier

Screenshot 2017 08 29 14 25 45 Crop 719x576

Via instagram/diyournet

Can’t afford a fancy chandelier? Just do this budget friendly one DIY home decor project. If you are good at origami, then you will be good at this too.


12. Magazine Table

Screenshot 2017 08 29 14 28 46 Crop 720x738

Via instagram/delirious_idea

Having a large collection of magazines from many years? Why not roll them up and make a coffee table out of it? You can later take one magazine and read it again if you need it.

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