Top 5 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

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Interior design trends are constantly changing to adapt to our lifestyle. Due to the increase of the population in urban areas and a fast-paced life, minimalism has become one of the biggest trends today. Although this style can be introduced into every room in the house, and thus improve its functionality and appearance, there is no doubt that our bathrooms can benefit the most from it. So if you are planning on jumping on the bandwagon and giving your bathroom a minimalistic makeover, here are five ideas to spark your imagination.

Update your shower

Many people aspire to the minimalist bathroom design not because it is trendy, but because they don’t have enough space in their bathroom. A tiny bathroom poses a lot of challenges when it comes to storage options and fixtures, and it also requires some sacrifices, such as opting for a shower instead of a tub. However, there are ways to update your shower to meet all your needs and still look stylish. For example, glass doors without a frame will make space seem larger while adding a seat to the shower can give you some advantages of the bathtub.

Fresh, all-white room

As we all know, all-white rooms look bigger, cleaner and fresher; just what you need for a minimalist bathroom. Still, that doesn’t mean that your all-white bathroom has to look boring. On the contrary, white reacts to contrasts better than all other colors, so you can use that to your advantage and introduce dramatic black fixtures. Also, by using interesting tiles – such as the subway ones– you can make the room more visually interesting.

Scandinavian inspiration

The Scandinavian interior design style has been famous for its minimalism for decades, so it isn’t surprising to find inspiration in it. This style requires the space to be free of clutter. However, this doesn’t exclude the introduction of larger centerpiece elements, such as stunning stone bath tubs. This fixture would fit into the style even better if it looked organic, e.g. made of stone or wood. In fact, the more you include different organic elements, the better.

… Or consult the Japanese

Just like the Scandinavians, Japanese people have also always been into the minimalistic interior décor, but this bare style is introduced into Japanese bathrooms in a very different way. The priority here is the connection with nature, so adding a floor-to-ceiling glass window is not a surprise for a bathroom designed in this style. Odd organic shapes are also desirable, so don’t be afraid to include some rocks, stumps, etc. Plants, water fountains and “Zen nooks” are also welcome.

All about storage

We store a lot of things in our bathrooms, ranging from medicines to personal hygiene products. Keeping them all out in the open can make the bathroom look cluttered, and thus ruin all your efforts to introduce the minimalist design. Therefore, it is necessary to be innovative and clever with storage solutions. Niche shelves in the shower or above the bathtub can be used to store your shower gels, lotions, and bath foams. It is imperative to keep everything off the counter in order to avoid overwhelming the space. You can also install vertically stacked shelves, some hidden storage (e.g. full-length mirror that opens up to become a closet) and under the sink drawers. Keep most of them closed, and if they are open, try to put items in baskets or boxes first, because many smaller things cause a bigger visual mess than several bigger ones.

These five ideas are here to get you started with creating your minimalist bathroom that will look stylish, appear bigger visually, and feel more comfortable.



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