A Guide to Efficient Small Kitchen Design for Apartment

The kitchen is the heart of every home. For some people, it might be their favorite place to have breakfast in the morning or sneak for a snack at midnight. A dream kitchen might be the one that is efficient, has a complete range of utensils, and is pleasing to the eye.

It is not the case for everybody. Living in a limited space like an apartment demands a small kitchen design that is compact and efficient. To achieve that, there should be an answer to these questions:

  • How much countertop space do you need?
  • How often will the kitchen be used?
  • What type of utensils and appliances that you want to keep?
  • Where is the work triangle?

In answering those questions, space planning is the most basic step to do. Maximizing the area you have in the apartment would create an effective and functional design for the kitchen.

The Minimum Countertop Space

The smallest countertop space that you may have is at least 15 inches by 24 inches. If you plan to have the sink and stove side-by-side, you might want to place this space between them as a preparation space. Measure the area you have, and see if it is possible to have more countertop space.

Another trick to have more space for food preparation is to use a folding table or double the job of the dining table. To create a clean work area, use a durable and easy-to-clean surface on the table like laminated wood.

The Use of Wall-Hanging Storage and Cabinets

When you don’t have that much area to build cabinets, you need to maximize the use of the wall. While we want to avoid placing all appliances and utensils on top of the countertop, everything must go into shelves or cabinets. Filing the wall with open shelves can also be one thing to consider in small kitchen design. It eludes the perception of a cramped kitchen, and the appliances can double as ornamental displays.

The Ideal Work Triangle

The work triangle consists of the cooking area, sink, and refrigerator. The fewer footprints between these spots, the more effective your kitchen is. For small kitchen design, the distance between the areas might be no longer than 4 feet, creating a total distance of the triangle around 12 feet. Keep n mind that with that minimum measurement, you may want to have only one person cooking in the kitchen.

Organize Everything

Last but not least, the key to effective small kitchen design is to organize everything you have. The use of additional containers or a lazy Susan on the corner may also be a help in making the kitchen more organized. Make sure that you don’t keep too much stuff that doesn’t fit on the shelves or inside the cabinets. To make it more efficient, sort the things you need the most. The “one in one out” rule must be applied every time you buy something.

While most people may prefer a bigger kitchen to accommodate their needs, it is no myth that a small kitchen design can work, too. With careful planning and a smart storage system, it is possible to create an efficient functional kitchen in a small apartment.

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