Things to Consider When Buying New Windows and Doors

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Home renovation projects often include purchasing windows. As with any major purchase, you should ensure you’re making the most out of your investment.

That means taking into account more than style and color options; also consider safety, energy efficiency and maintenance needs.

Casement Windows

When purchasing new windows, the quality will have an immediate effect on your energy costs. Therefore, investing in high-quality models that adhere to Canadian insulation standards as well as having excellent Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and Visible Light Transmittance ratings are vitally important investments.

Casement Windows in the Greater Ottawa Area offer energy-efficient lighting that lets in plenty of natural light, making them an excellent choice for homes and commercial spaces alike. Their beautiful design makes them highly sought-after among consumers while being easy to open for ventilation purposes.

Metal shutters are not only highly durable but come in various colours, finishes and sizes to match any decor or style. If you plan on installing them on a second or third story building, a specialist with access equipment such as ladders or scaffolding may need to be hired in order to complete installation – this may increase costs as well. Furthermore, extra measures may need to be taken if they’re located close to electrical or plumbing lines so as to prevent potential damages to them.

Single-Hung Windows

Finding window frames that meet all three criteria – appearance, functionality and insulation – when replacing existing or installing new windows is of utmost importance for their appearance, functionality and insulation properties. From wood to aluminum or fiberglass options available there’s bound to be something perfect to compliment the style of your home’s decor.

Single-hung windows are one of the most widely-used window styles, providing ample ventilation and easy cleaning while being more cost-effective to manufacture and install than double-hung options.

Greater Ottawa area homeowners have numerous custom options when it comes to single-hung windows, including expansive views or grid styles and finding windows with the perfect colour and stain to complement their exterior home design. Secondary glazing reduces sound by up to 90%! Manufacturers offering warranties and membership in regulatory bodies like FENSA will guarantee you receive high-quality products, installations and any extra support you might require to ensure a successful window replacement project.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows offer endless customization possibilities with their grid configurations and decorative colors, making them the perfect solution for any home. Their classic appearance matches any budget while their strength makes them an energy efficient solution.

Single-hung windows don’t provide as much ventilation, and double-hung windows offer superior ventilation as both upper and lower sashes can be opened simultaneously to let in fresh air while expelling warm air out – something particularly helpful in humid climates or rooms on the second floor of a home.

These windows are also easier to maintain, as their sashes tilt inward so you can access both inner and outer glass from inside your house without the need for ladders or risk to children or animals. This also eliminates ladders as potential safety hazards in your home environment.

Sliding Windows

Your window choice can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of your home. Certain styles may complement specific architectural styles while others might clash and detract from its design. Window suppliers that provide various window and door models enable homeowners to try them all and identify which model best complements their individual home’s architecture.

Sliding windows offer convenient ventilation solutions in hard-to-reach places such as over stairs, walkways, sheds or even behind a soaking tub – like providing natural ventilation when access is difficult for hung or casement windows. In addition, sliding windows offer copious amounts of natural lighting – making them a fantastic alternative to picture windows for homes requiring additional natural sunlight.

Homeowners should carefully consider how easy their windows will be to open and close as seasons change. If they are situated in dangerous or hard-to-reach spots, installing them may not be worth the bother.

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