Challenges of Relocating for a New Job

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Adult life teaches us that nothing is perfect. Every situation that presents itself has both pros and cons. And being an adult is simply this – weighing the pros against the cons and then making decisions. Life on a whole is just a bunch of decisions we make while enjoying the good things and bearing the consequences.

Had a baby? Hooray! Now embrace those sleepless nights.

Got a new car? Congratulations! But fuel and maintenance sure is expensive.

Got admissions in Masters? That’s great! But is it part-time? Will you be able to balance work and studies?

Got a new job across the country? Awesome! But have you considered the expenses involved in moving?

At the end of the day, how well you stick to your decisions and how gracefully you handle the cons is what gets you going.

Every ambitious person, at least once in their career, has to consider relocating for a better job. It can either be a promotion or simply a huge step-up in terms of the company’s repute, work environment, or salary. It is always tempting to go for such offers, but the truth is, relocation comes with many challenges. The biggest of all is finding a residence.

Back in the 19th century, companies used to provide their workers temporary residence near their work-site (construction site of railroads or factories, oil rigs, mines, etc.) to lessen the workers’ commute time and provide a comfortable living. To date, this residence is provided by many companies and is known as man camp. These are corporate housing solutions for people who have to relocate for some time, lesser than a year or so. They are fully furnished housing units that give you the feel of being at home, away from home.

In today’s times, the nature of the majority of jobs has changed. They aren’t necessarily at some construction site or in the middle of the ocean. Offices are usually set up in the heart of towns and cities. This is why it is very rare that companies offer residences or build up man camps for their workers. This makes taking the decision to relocate very challenging. Looking for the comforts of your home in a strange locality makes many deserving candidates pass such opportunities.

Challenges of Relocating

The anxiety that kicks in when you are offered a new job is very real. Uprooting your entire life and moving can be very difficult. Although some of the challenges lessen if you are single and living alone. If you put your spouse, children, or elderly parents in the equation, then your challenges will go up a few notches.

We have listed some of the challenges people normally face when relocating.

Buying/Renting is a hassle

If your new job is a year-long contract that may or may not be extended, selling your current home and purchasing a new one where you’re relocating to seems like a silly idea. Purchasing a house involves extensive paperwork, legal issues, and some serious long-term decision-making regarding what to purchase. On the other hand, selling your old home is no piece of cake. It can take weeks to months to find the right buyer.

If you consider renting a house where you are moving, that can also be extremely tricky. There is a lot that needs to be checked. The mind-boggling tenancy agreements, leases, and contracts add to the long list. When you sign a short-term lease, your landlord may force you to vacate your home after a year, even if you’re interested in renewing your lease and even if you’ve been a great tenant.

This is why we would recommend opting for man camps if your new workplace offers one. If not, go for corporate housing. They are available on short notice and do not require tedious contracts and confusing terms and conditions. You can quickly move in and out at your own convenience.


Moving is expensive

The move can be pricey whether you are relocating alone or with family. Packing takes up a lot of time and hiring professional movers for furniture, and other household items can be very heavy on your pockets. You also have to purchase excellent quality boxes and packing materials for your glassware, silverware, and other kitchen utensils. It is also very tricky to load and unload expensive appliances. The risk of damaging these electric appliances is very high. Similarly, heavy furniture experiences wear and tear during moving.

Choosing man camps and corporate housing can eliminate this stress completely. These housing units are fully furnished equipped with all the required appliances. You do not have to worry about securely packing your furniture or appliances. Just pack a suitcase of your clothes and have an untroubled move.


Unpacking is exhausting

It is always best to have an unpacking plan beforehand. You make a mental image in your mind of what furniture goes in hat space, what appliance is fitted in which room, what clothes go in which cabinet. But this is never foolproof.

You might find your storage space to be insufficient, or your bed simply refuses to pass through the door. You might find that there is no electricity outlet where you wish to plug in your tv. Even if you unpack successfully, you would have to do a post-move cleanup. You will notice everything to be dusty, the carpets would need vacuuming, and even your kitchen utensils would require one good wash. Tiring, yes? Wouldn’t it be easy if all of this was pre-done? Furniture all set, appliances tidy and plugged in, kitchen utensils all clean and put away neatly in cabinets?

If you choose a corporate house or a unit in a man camp, you wouldn’t have to tire yourself out after an extensive unpacking and cleaning session since everything will be spotlessly clean and ready to use when you step in.


Any change is exciting, but many challenges and problems come with it. A new job can mean many new possibilities in terms of your career, family, and lifestyle. But the truth is, it is all one giant question mark because it may or may not work. You will have to change your lifestyle and living standards according to the area you’d be moving to. You may notice your dependents suffering in terms of schooling, work, or healthcare.  And obviously, the emotional toll relocation can have on you.

The one thing we can guarantee is finding the appropriate residence. Choosing the right corporate housing unit or man camp can take away most of your anxiety about the unknown. You can make any such house your home without any stress and worry. So if the job’s good, the company’s promising and the salary is amazing, we’d say “relocate right away!”

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