Trendy Materials for a Cozy Contemporary Home

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The building materials you use determine whether your home is luxurious or not. While other aspects like high-end ceilings, open spaces, and creative lighting can make your space feel cozy, materials determine the applicable customization. Here are some of the trendy materials that instill luxury in contemporary homes.

Timber for a High-End Natural Feel

Timber is a classic material that is durable and robust and can be used in the interior and exterior sections of your home. Wood is available in various colors and can be stained to a unique finish. However, some designs and finishes require high expertise for spectacular results.

Whether you prefer hardwood or softwood, you should treat it to prevent insect damage and moisture penetration. Some wooden materials, like bamboo, are stronger than concrete.

While tiles are good for the bathroom, wood flooring is the perfect fit for a warm, luxurious home. And while quality wood can be costly, it’s a worthwhile investment since it sets the aura in your spaces. The timeliness, smoothness, and solid feel make wood flooring synonymous with luxury.

Metal Accents

Metal has always drawn people’s interest. Throughout history, metal has been a valuable symbol of quality. However, in some real estate markets, metal is considered an eyesore associated with industrial installations. However, the trend is changing in favor of aesthetic metallic materials.

Industrial luxury designs make contemporary homes stunning and work well as accents. Typically, you can add copper around the windows and panels instead of vinyl materials. With the right design and expertise, you can create an astounding home for various luxury features.

For instance, corten steel is gaining popularity as a facade material. A corten steel exterior enhances the luxury quotient in your home. The reddish-brown rustic hue creates a stark modern aesthetic, especially when installed as panels.

Glass to Open Up Your Spaces

Glass is among the most widely used building materials in contemporary homes. It strikes a balance between creativity and exquisite beauty and offers the perfect modern, minimalistic home. The material can be used in different ways to create exterior and interior features. For instance, you can use glass as movable walls and huge doors to welcome you to a serene living space.

The ability to connect the interiors and outdoor spaces is a luxurious feeling. It elevates life with biophilic features and suitable entertainment space for family and guests.

In addition, you can use glass walls as room partitions or customize the floor plan as needed. This is a great design strategy to make your home more functional, open, and luxurious.

With the modern development of various glass options, there are endless products to choose from. A reliable building supply distributor can guide you when selecting glass building materials for your design. Whether you want high-performance glass or tinted options for privacy, you can combine different features to create the perfect home that suits your lifestyle.


You can combine different building materials when designing your home to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. However, the materials ideal for building your modern home depend on the location and budget. By choosing the right materials and professional builders, you can transform your design from a concept to a modern, luxurious home.

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