5 Ways To Create A More Exotic Dining Room

5 Ways To Create A More Exotic Dining Room

Let’s be honest, dining rooms are probably the most under-utilized room in the house. When we first move into a new place, our interior-design mind starts buzzing with ideas for the lounge, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the garden, and then – if there’s any more juice left in the tank – we look at the dining room.

This is a shame, however, because the dining room, in many ways, should be the hub of the home. This is where the family will come together in the evening to have dinner, talk about their day, and express how they are feeling in a more intimate setting. It’s also the heart of the home when it comes to celebrations, with all of the guests utilizing that room for big holiday meals and general good-hearted chatter.

One of the reasons it is under-utilized, however, is because a dining room is, quite simply… uninspired. That’s just a part of its nature. While you can do a lot to make a kitchen or lounge exciting and personable, a dining room is simply a room with a table, chairs, and a few cabinets. It’s simple, and, in a way, that makes it quite a daunting prospect for interior designers.

What you need is a way to spruce up your dining room and make it exotic. You need a way to change what can be quite an uninspired place and make it inspired, ensuring that you and your guests want to spend time there. With this in mind, here are five ways you can create a more exotic dining room and turn it into a room that is sufficiently utilized:

Unique And Beautiful Silverware

First off, look at your silverware and cutlery and consider whether it’s up to scratch. Make sure it looks beautiful and interesting by blending different cultures, and think outside of the box when it comes to the kind of silverware you need. For instance, how do you pour wine for guests? Do you simply open the bottle and fill the glass? Instead of doing that, look at vintage wine decanters or beautiful kiddush fountains, both of which can be the centerpiece of the table and add a unique, cultured feel to the space.

Standing Plantlife

Plant life is also important when it comes to creating an exotic dining room. Look into getting standing plants that really create an impact. Don’t use plants that you have elsewhere in the house, as this should be about creating a new, interesting space that has its own bubble and its own personality.

Display Cabinets

One of the best things about the kiddush fountains mentioned earlier is that they effectively display the wine before it is going to be served. With this in mind, think about what else you can display in your dining room. Instead of packing silverware or glasses in cabinets, why not purchase some beautiful silverware and actually display them in the room itself? This is a great way to make the dining room feel more special while also making your guests feel like they’re about to get a proper, professional dining experience!

Interesting Lighting

Another great way to make your dining room feel exotic is through the lighting. Instead of simple, white LED bulbs, look into getting light strips that can radiate different colors depending on the celebratory tone.  If not, then purchase a range of candles that you can place on the table, windowsills, and cabinet tops. This will ensure that your room emits warm tones for a cozy atmosphere, making it feel luxurious, exotic, and comfortable at the same time.

Color, Color, Color

Lastly, don’t underestimate the effect of beautiful home décor pieces in the dining room. Some of the best ways to decorate this space is through artwork. Art pieces that are placed on the walls can ensure that your room doesn’t feel bland or uninspired, and they will do a great job of instilling a sense of your own personality. More importantly, however, they will add color. One of the most common symptoms of an uninspired dining room is the lack of color.  It doesn’t matter what artwork you use to counteract this. As long as it works in the space and emits that color, then it’s sure to add an exotic flair to your space and make it aesthetically beautiful rather than a purely practical area of the house.

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