4 Best Apps for Rental Property Management

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With numerous apps available to aid property managers and landlords, the real challenge is to select one rather than another. Which of the apps available will help you run your business efficiently, allowing you to streamline work and save time?

When considering an app, you want one that is useful and includes the necessary functions. There’s no point in needing a different app for every task. Perhaps one or two might work, but certainly not a dozen. Technology should be freeing as opposed to entangling.

Rental property management apps can be divided into several categories, including:

  • listing apps
  • renting apps
  • prepping properties apps
  • rent-tracking apps
  • all-in-one rental property management apps

So, it’s essential to determine what kind of tasks you plan on doing when using a rental property management app. All-in-one rental property management apps generally offer all the functions, including the automation of specific tasks, that a landlord will need to do business on the go.

This can be particularly beneficial for landlords who manage numerous properties and must save time yet still complete administrative tasks. Apps should be designed to streamline business procedures and help you run your business.

What to look for in a rental property management app

The best app should also be easy to use and affordable. Ideally, you’ll want an app to record and track all your transactions, from bills to payments to reporting, and be able to store data on the cloud. You’ll want one that functions on various devices, such as a desktop or tablet, as well as your smartphone. If you have employees, the app should handle multiple users.

Security must also be a priority, so the best app will feature safety procedures such as biometric logins or MFA and send alerts for suspicious activity or logins.

Best apps for rental property management

1. Landlord Studio

The rental property management app offered by Landlord Studio provides a suite of functions including real estate accounting and automation, tax reporting, and a powerful online rent collection tool.

Created specifically for landlords, this property management software will help you simplify and streamline every aspect of your property management with a powerful dashboard that offers essential portfolio insights including cash flow, cash on cash return, and more.

The Landlord Studio application offers cloud-based storage so managers can store and organize all their necessary documents in real time, including their digitized receipts. The application includes a tenant screening feature and allows you to import and reconcile up to two years of bank transactions.

The app has two plans, GO which is completely free for landlords, and PRO which offers powerful automation features for as little as $12 per month. It’s available on desktop, Android and iOS devices.

2. Stessa

This app deserves inclusion in our list for two reasons: it’s free to get started, with pricing afterwards starting at $20 per month, and it was designed by real estate investors who are in the business and know what management requires. The app permits expense tracking, income tracking, and more.

Landlords can access their accounting and financial records because the app has a document storage database. This facilitates property management when it comes time to file tax returns.

Other appealing features that the app offers include tracking income and expenses and invoices and receipts. There is a mortgage portal and a rental reporting feature. How could such an app be free? The app owners earn through the mortgage portal.

Happily, this app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It furnishes reports for tax income reporting in real time and offers automated accounting procedures. Where the app needs more is in rent collection. There is no online rent collection, and it is unclear if the app can integrate with other management apps or rental property software.

3. Buildium

The Buildium application offers the whole package for rental property apps. It tracks your budget, vendor payments, and rent collection payments. It has an e-filing tool to prepare taxes and calculators within the application. Particularly appealing is its use of security measures to fend off cyber-attacks. Landlords can even manage maintenance needs using this app. Tenant applicant screening is also possible.

Perfect for both Android and iOS devices, the app has a specific owner portal for maintenance and access. Landlords can communicate with residents, board members, and more; the interface facilitates teamwork. It can be integrated with other apps and software.

The app has an annual fee that varies depending on the selected plan: Essential, Growth, or Premium. Customized programs can be requested for property managers with more than 5,000 rental units.

4. Zillow Rental Manager

This is property management software for those who manage rentals as a business. It offers property management and includes leasing vacancies and looking for quality tenants to rent to. The Zillow app posts rental notices on platforms like HotPads and Trulia to aid in finding tenants. Photos and prices can be publicized, and landlords will be notified of inquiries. If you are interested in a tenant, the app can screen your applicants, verify credit and income, and collect rent payments online.

The app works with both Android and iOS devices. It enables seamless online rent collection and goes beyond tenant screening with its lease builder tool that permits e-signing. The app does not offer additional accounting, reporting features, or maintenance options. The first listing you post is free, after which there is a weekly fee for active listings.

In conclusion

With the right app and management tools, you can provide excellent service to your tenants and keep your business running smoothly.

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