Selling an Apartment on a Short Lease: Maximizing its Value and Minimizing Your Stress

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A short lease can make selling an apartment difficult but not impossible. Short leases, defined as those with less than eighty years left, can be a turn-off to buyers. Selling your short-term flat and maximizing its value with the right planning is possible. This guide will help you understand the complexities of selling a rental flat.

Understanding the Effects of Short Leases

It is important to understand how your remaining lease period can affect the sale of your short-term lease apartment before you start the process. A short-term lease can be:

  • Limit your pool of potential buyers: Most lenders require a minimum lease term of 70 or 80 years to offer a loan, so buyers with no significant cash reserves could be excluded.
  • Reduce property value: A shorter-term lease makes the property less attractive, so buyers are more likely to bargain a cheaper price.
  • Increase lease extension costs: Lease extension costs rise as the term of the lease shortens. As a result, prospective buyers may be discouraged by the cost.

Maximizing the Value of Short Lease Flats

You Can Extend the Lease

Extending the contract is one way to make a short-term rental flat more attractive to buyers. This costly measure can significantly increase the property’s marketability and value. To understand the process, costs, and benefits of extending your current lease, consult a lawyer or specialist in leasehold.

Price it Right

Setting a fair asking price for a short-term rental apartment is important. Price your short-term lease apartment by researching recent sales for similar properties. Prepare for negotiations. Buyers may try to leverage a short lease in their favor.


Honesty plays a crucial role in the sale of a short-term lease apartment. Disclose the remaining lease period upfront and provide as much information about lease extensions, costs, or any pending and upcoming major repairs as possible. Transparency increases trust and helps overcome buyer hesitations.

Market Creatively

Your flat should be presented in an appealing way to appeal to potential buyers. Emphasize its unique characteristics and potential. Be sure to highlight its location and any amenities or recent improvements.

Consider Leasehold Enfranchisement

If you’re in a building with multiple flats, consider leasehold ownership enfranchisement. Here, the leaseholders purchase the freehold as a group. This can be a great option for buyers since it allows them greater control over lease extensions and management.

Seek Professional Advice

Consult specialists in leasehold properties, such as leasehold values, solicitors, and surveyors. You can also get expert advice from them on legal and valuation issues.

Be Patient

Selling a flat with a shorter lease may take longer than selling a property with a longer lease. Be prepared to deal with a longer period of marketing and possibly more negotiations. Only accept a bid that is in line with your expectations.


Selling a short lease flat can be difficult, but you can find the buyer and maximize its value with the correct approach. Simple steps can overcome the challenges of selling a brief lease flat: extending the contract, competitive pricing, transparency, and professional advice. Patience is essential, but you can sell the flat with the right approach and strategy.

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