8 Tips for Creating Your Backyard Oasis

Elegant backyard terrace

Having a backyard can be an underappreciated luxury. But, with one, you can create the ultimate paradise to unwind from your responsibilities. It doesn’t take too much to make it happen, but if you want to go all out, you will need to do the work. You may even need to hire a contractor to help if your goals are lofty. So, keep reading to discover eight tips to turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis.

1. Incorporate Plants

Nature can be incredibly healing, making plants a necessity for your yard. Plus, gardening can be a calming hobby. You’ll want plants with large leaves and beautiful flowers to create the perfect oasis. If you have more experience tending to a garden, consider growing fruits to eat during the summertime. However, if you don’t have a green thumb, get some low-maintenance trees and bushes to add life to the space and create a vibe of relaxation.

2. Get a Privacy Fence

Sometimes you just need some alone time to decompress, but that can seem nearly impossible when there’s no sense of solitude. A privacy fence is a perfect solution for creating a place where you can feel comfortable to relax without interruption. That is unless you have children.

If a fence is out of your price range, plant a privacy hedge around the yard’s perimeter. It takes longer to produce privacy while they grow, but the upfront costs are lower overall if you do it yourself.

3. Add Water Features

Water is an essential part of a backyard oasis, and there are many ways to incorporate it. How you choose to do so depends on your maintenance capabilities and personal preference. A pool would be great for the summertime if you have the means and space.

Aside from a pool, other water features can create a calming vibe for your backyard. For example, a small fountain or koi pond can be enough to get the job done.

4. Build a Deck Away From the House

Decks are a fantastic tool for outdoor paradise because they offer great potential and versatility. We recommend building a pathway to a detached deck away from the house to separate yourself from the commotion.

This is not a DIY project if you choose to get a deck. It can turn into a life-threatening hazard if done incorrectly. So it’s best to leave this renovation to the pros. Deck builders in Cecil County, MD, can professionally and safely create your getaway spot.

5. No Bugs Allowed

Summertime might come with cute fireflies glowing about the yard, but it also comes with itchy mosquitoes and pesky cicadas. Therefore, it’s best to do what you can to keep them away. However, bug spray stinks and leaves a filmy residue on your skin. So instead, you could use bug-repelling candles to keep them away. They smell nice, give space a nice glow, and allow you to relax without constantly swatting bugs out of your face.

6. Get Comfortable Furniture

You need a comfortable place to kick back and relax at the end of the day. So cozy outdoor furniture is a must. A hammock is perfect for tropical-themed yards. However, if that’s not the theme you seek, consider couches with fluffy cushions, a porch swing, and a bunch of pillows to create a comforting appearance. Then, get a fuzzy outdoor rug to complete the look.

7. Lights and Shade

Lighting plays a critical role in setting a relaxing mood. During the day, you will want the shade to keep cool from the sun. So incorporate things like an umbrella, pergola, or a canopy. However, if you also like to bask in the sunlight, set up a reclining lounge chair for tanning.

Next, you’ll want to throw up string lights and light some candles at night to create a cozy, comforting mood. Pay attention to the hue of the lights when you buy them. You will need something with a yellow glow. White lights can get too bright and won’t create the desired effect.

8. Get a Fireplace or Fire Pit

Fire is a must-have during the fall and summer nights. From the soothing crackling sounds to making s’mores, there’s no beating the vibe of a late-night bonfire. A fireplace is ideal for people who want to relax without monitoring the flame as much as they would with a bonfire. However, building a fire pit may be more reasonable if you’re on a budget.


Your backyard holds the potential to become the ultimate oasis where you can escape to unwind from the day-to-day grind. It doesn’t take much if you’re making minor changes. You just need to arrange some furniture, lights, and relaxing decor. But if you have bigger visions, you may need to hire contractors to do the job safely.

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