What Are the 5 Most Common Types of Repairs to Consider When Renovating an Older House?

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Homes are a bit like people in as much as they can add character and exude a certain amount of added charm as the aging process continues, however, the analogy can take on a less favorable twist when you discover how much you might have to spend on putting everything right.

There are certain repairs and tasks that you can consider doing yourself if you have a bit of DIY ability and other renovations tend to require the services of a professional such as

Erie Construction in order to bring everything up to standard.

It is great to own an older house that has plenty of character but it is also a good idea to get an idea of what you might have to budget for if you planning on a renovation project.

Here are some of the typical problems and fixes that you might have to face when bringing an old house back to its prime.


Always check for foundation issues

If there is one property issue that can really blow a hole in your remodeling and renovation budget it is problems with the foundations.

It stands to reason that if there is a problem with the foundations of the property it is going to prove integral to the safety and soundness of the building in its entirety.

With this in mind, you should make every effort to confirm that the foundations are sound and check for any evidence to the contrary.

Typical signs of foundation issues include uneven floors and doors or windows that seem to be slightly misaligned and don’t open or shut properly. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get your foundation repaired, but it could get expensive, which is why it is worth spending money on an inspection by a structural engineer to confirm the foundations are sound.


The roof over your head

Next on your list of potential repairs is the need to check the state of the roof.

You cannot ignore any roofing damage or evidence of water intrusion as minor problems can soon escalate into major repairs if these issues are ignored.

The bottom line is that the soundness of your roof is absolutely critical when it comes to protecting your property from the elements and preserving the integrity of the structure.

Look for any signs of water ingress, such as damp spots on the ceiling and arrange to get the shingles or tiles checked for any damage or cracking. Also, make sure there are no missing tiles and check the attic for any obvious problems.


Bringing the property up to date

Some properties can be easily dated not just by the construction style and exterior materials used but by the interior decoration and architectural features.

Outdated ceiling styles, kitchen, and bathroom cabinets and tiles are classic examples of how dated property can look if these designs and finishes are stuck in the past.

It is well worth making a checklist of all the remodeling tasks you might have to undertake in order to bring the property up to date as the cost of replacing cabinets, tiles, countertops, and tiles can soon add up.

You should also be mindful that if the kitchen and bathrooms are firmly stuck in the past there is a fair chance that the plumbing and electrics might be too.

A coat of paint here and there won’t bust your budget but stripping out kitchen and bathrooms to start again will need to be estimated accurately so that you know what you are letting yourself in for.

Rewiring an old property is more challenging than installing electrics in a brand new property and the same comment applies to plumbing. Get estimates if you suspect that some modernization work is going to be required in this respect.


Check who is living in the house

Older houses can be prone to infestations and that means the property could be housing all sorts of insects and rodents that could be wreaking havoc if left unchecked.

The very structure of your property, not to mention wiring and plumbing systems, are all potentially under threat if pests have taken up residence and are eating their way through parts of your home.

Always consider this threat when looking at renovating an older property and if you have any suspicions that you have some unwelcome residents living rent-free in your house and helping themselves to a free meal it would be wise to get a pest control professional to check whether this is the case.

Old homes are very inviting for the likes of bees, wasps, various rodents, and birds, all of which have the capacity to cause plenty of damage. Don’t ignore any signs of an infestation that you spot during your inspection of the property.


Windows and doors can be a major expense

Last but not least, windows and doors are not just fundamental to the look and feel of your property they are also vital for protecting your home from the elements and keeping your comfortable and safe.

Poorly fitting or damaged external windows or doors will make your property vulnerable to water intrusion and if the problem has been left to worsen over a period of time you could be dealing with dry rot and mold issues that will need to be resolved.

If the windows are old and in a poor state it will not only prove detrimental to the look and performance of your property it will also create a scenario where you are inviting further trouble in the form of some expensive repair bills that could have been avoided.

You will have to be careful in your choice of replacement windows and doors if you want to retain the character of the property and if you don’t repair, renovate, or replace in a style that is in line with the age and style of the house it could spoil its look and even hurt the sale value.

Replacing old windows and doors can soon get expensive and these are typical tasks you could face when renovating an older property. If in doubt, get some professional quotes so that you know what it is going to cost to bring an olde property right up to date.

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