7 Top Bohemian Style Decor Tips with Adorable Interior Ideas

Bohemian style is designed for people who love freedom, free flow, and also combine nature and adventure into interior design. In short, bohemian style is for you who think outside of the box, carefree, relax and unusual. Bohemian Interior design is generally random and busy without any bare or empty spot left. Every part of bohemian houses is full of accessories.

Inspired by vagabonds, wanderers in central Europe called Gypsy, Bohemian describe people who did not agree with the social and political views at 1800. If you feel the same way about the current social and political view, you might want to decorate your house as bohemian.

Therefore, today I will provide you a step by step bohemian style decoration tips. Change your current interior design and transform them into a sophisticated bohemian chic interior with the following tricks.

1. The Bohemian Colors

When decorating your house into a bohemian interior house, you should consider the colors of bohemian. While there are no strict rules about colors, the bohemian interior house will look great with warm earthy colors such as brown, terra cotta, gold, fiery orange, electric blue and even metallic. You may also choose a bold and bright color to complement your room.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and use colors that wouldn’t defy the conventional interior rule. It’s okay if you choose pattern and color that doesn’t match. Then, choose a variety of textures to get bohemian looks. A combination of cotton, satin, and flannel is the best choice for your bohemian furniture. You can choose rugs, wall tapestries, and curtains with different color and textures.

2. The Bohemian Decoration Materials

Bohemian style concept is about carefree, natural yet unusual design. Therefore, you might need to mix and match using natural materials. Then, you can combine the natural materials with silk and chenille, a worn-out look is perfect to show the otherworldly bohemian decoration.

You can also put fringe into almost anywhere, from your curtains, pillow, and even lampshades. It is also a great idea to decorate your walls with tapestry, artworks, or even wall of postcards, magazine cutouts, art prints, poster and anything else that have a story on your life.

3. The Bohemian Furniture

The best way to get bohemian furniture is by doing some adventure on any old stores or flea markets. You might find get second hand and vintage items. Collecting them over time will significantly improve your bohemian furniture.

However, each furniture should have its own story. It’s okay to get worn out furniture that can be used properly. Saturated furniture will be perfect for bohemian looks, especially when rustic and unique furniture is paired with soft and warm lighting.

4. The Bohemian Accessories

Don’t forget to add bohemian accessories for complete bohemian interior design. Each part of the accessories should be able to bring out your character or simply tell the stories of your life. You can use anything from part of your life as bohemian accessories and put them into your room, hang it or even put them on top of the table in your room.

While the room might look offbeat and messy, you can add crystal chandeliers, ornate gold mirrors, or even rustic wardrobe. Simply make sure that each accessory is telling some story.

After you have everything you need to get bohemian style interior, you need some work to put your room together and fit in into bohemian style. Follow these steps to get the best bohemian looks.

1. Paint Your Furniture

Since bohemian style has interesting furniture, yet colorful, you can achieve bohemian style by doing some painting. If you already have a wood table or dresser, you can give them bright colors and add accents to the furniture.

2. Let Anything Cluttered and Messy

Bohemian style is unique; you can place anything in your room. You may even add more and more furniture until its cramped, overflowing, and messy. Don’t be afraid to put more knick-knacks, accents, pillows, or rugs into your room.

3. Don’t Forget to Give Window and Rug Treatment

In Bohemian style interior, the rug is the most important part for accessories. Therefore, make sure that you cover the floor in mix-matched patterned rugs. Your curtain may need some work too. And curtains with bold design and textures such as satin, silk, lace finish or even Victorian and gothic style can give the perfect bohemian look.

If you have a bed canopy, you can combine the style with the curtains around the beds. This way, you will be able to achieve the best looks on your bedroom. You can use beads or other ethnic accessories to accentuate any room and make them bohemian.

People who are choosing the bohemian style are people who love art, freedom, and also expressing themselves through arts. Its style is chaotic, loud and also bold; it is unusual and generally unmatched. Simply put, not all people are familiar with this style—and maybe only a few that agree with the style.

Therefore, check with your family about this kind of style, as not everyone is capable of living in the bohemian-style house without having a shock about how chaotic it is. Don’t forget to be creative and unique. There is no wrong way to arrange the bohemian style, each choice is unique. Remember, the only rule is the story, each part of your home should have the story to tell.

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  1. I guess I’ve been bohemian all of my life. After all my dad left me with gyspys to babysit me at age 1yrs old.

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