5 Best Small Entryway Design Ideas With Chic Decor

Small entrance hallway interior with shoe storage, hanger stand and mirror
Small entrance hallway interior with shoe storage, hanger stand and mirror

It doesn’t matter how small your entryway space is. As long as you know how to design it, it will be one of the most awesome spaces in your home. But why it is important to design your home entryway? Entryway is the first place where the guests get the first impression of your personality.

Surely it is more challenging to design a small entryway than a big one. The key to designing a small entryway is keeping it simple with one or two chic decorations. Chic decoration refers to decoration that can make your entryway more elegant, stylish, and fashionable.

An aesthetic wall art, patterned tiles, a patterned rug, and even a small pot of plants are chic decorations recommended to beautify your entryway. Don’t forget about the bench, an essential thing needed for an entryway.

Take a look at our best small entryway design ideas with chic decor below to find the best inspiration for your own entryway at home.

1. Kentfield by Studio VARA

Kentfield 9

Kentfield by Studio VARA has the best small entryway design idea with chic decor perfect for you who love simplicity. This house’s entryway is decorated with two aesthetic pieces of art on the wall. A small pot of plants is also added to the wooden bench as a natural accent.

Photography: Bruce Damonte Photography


2. TO: DAY by NestSpace Design


The best small entryway design idea with chic decor can be found in TO: DAY by NestSpace Design. This beautiful residence has a beautiful interior design in its entryway. The chic decoration comes from the patterned tiles on the floor. The presence of wood material that comes from the bench and wall storage gives this entryway a soft and natural look.

Photographer: Joey Studio


3. Designing Project for Clermont Street Brownstone Duplex by Barker Freeman Design Office

Designing Project For Clermont Street Brownstone Duplex 12

If you need something that looks a little bit more dramatic, this best small entryway design idea with chic decor is perfect for you. Clermont Street Brownstone Duplex has an interesting entryway design that can impress every guest. A pot of flowers, a pink bench, and a patterned rug are combined to decorate this house’s entryway.

Photographer: Francis Dzikowski


4. Sullivan’s Island by Basic Projects

Sullivan's Island 11

Simple but beautiful is the best small entryway design idea with chic decor that you can see in Sullivan’s Island by Basic Projects. This house has an entryway designed with a coastal style. A hung pot of plants is the simple chic decoration that makes this entryway stylish. Every item in this entryway represents a coastal style beautifully.

Photographer: Olivia Rae James


5. LOT 6 by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

LOT 6 3

The last best small entryway design idea with chic decor we have to inspire you comes from LOT 6 by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects. This idea is perfect for you who live in a cabin but still want to have an inviting entryway appearance. This entryway is completed with a simple bench and a black leather cushion. The concrete wall and yellow accents decorate this entryway uniquely.

Photographer: Eirik Johnson

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