5 Mid-Century Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Modern bright scandi kitchen with decor and served table with dishes and plates

If you want to have different look in your kitchen, you should go with a mid-century modern design.

A mid-century modern design is characterized by clean lines, vibrant colors, simple and minimal decor, and natural elements such as wood and plants. You may get an elegant look with this design but more comfortable and natural.

How to make the kitchen look mid-century modern? To achieve this look easily, you can choose modern kitchen furniture made of wood. Its modern style enhances clear lines while the wood material represents the mid-century element which is warm and natural.

We have a collection of mid-century modern small kitchen design ideas you’ll want to steal below. Hope you will get some best inspiration from them.

1. 3737 Oakfield Drive by Richard Neutra

3737 Oakfield Drive 10

3737 Oakfield Drive by Richard Neutra has a mid-century modern small kitchen design idea for you who want to create a bright kitchen. The white kitchen cabinets in this house represent both modern and mid-century styles well.

In order to create an eye-catching look, the backsplash is painted black which is a contrast to the cabinets. The result is a bright kitchen with an outstanding mid-century modern look.

Image: theagencyre


2. West Roy Residence by SkB Architects

West Roy Residence 11

The mid-century modern small kitchen design idea in West Roy Residence by SkB Architects is about combining different textures and colors.

The white textured backsplash and the black kitchen cabinets look awesome together. The kitchen island is made of marble while the dining table is made of wood, two different materials but able to create a good-looking interior. Another awesome thing from this mid-century modern kitchen is the mate black pendant lamp.

Photography: Benjamin Benschneider


3. Chalet Bolton-Est by BOOM TOWN

Chalet Bolton Est 4

Chalet Bolton-Est by BOOM TOWN has a mid-century modern small kitchen design idea perfect for you who want to create a warm feeling in your kitchen.

The natural element comes from the floor and ceiling which are made of wood. The contrast color between black, yellow, and white create a unique appearance. The kitchen stools help this kitchen to strengthen its mid-century modern style.

Photographer: Mario C. Melillo and Angus McRitchie


4. Phelps Residence by Assembledge+

Phelps Residence 4

The mid-century modern small kitchen design idea in this house is about using wood as the main material to design the interior of the kitchen. Phelps Residence by Assembledge+ has a mid-century modern kitchen dominated by wood material.

The kitchen cabinets and the kitchen islands are made of wood. The wood tone from those things is highlighted to create a natural ambiance.

Photographer: Paul Vu


5. Oakdell Residence by Assembledge+

Oakdell Residence 8

If you are looking for inspiration to create a mid-century modern kitchen with simple and minimal decor, you need to try this mid-century modern small kitchen design idea.

Oakdell Residence by Assembledge+ beautifies its kitchen interior in white. The kitchen islands, the whole kitchen cabinets, and even the dining table, ceiling, and wall are beautified in white. This mid-century modern kitchen also looks simple and elegant with minimal decor.

Photographer: Michael Weschler

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