Printed Blackout Curtains Guide: Why Use, Types, and How to Buy

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Printed blackout curtains offer a stylish, energy-efficient way to control the amount of natural light entering your home. They are designed for maximum light insulation and are created with heavy fabrics or multiple layers of materials that work together to block any light from coming through.

Many blackout curtains are printed in eye-catching patterns and colors, making them an attractive choice that can also be used as decorative elements in a room’s design.

Benefits of Using Printed Blackout Curtains

Let’s start by looking at the benefits of using printed blackout curtains. There are several advantages of using printed blackout curtains. Some of the best include:

  • Using outdoor blackout curtains can save energy by preventing hot air from entering your home in summer and warm air from escaping in winter.
  • Blackout curtains help improve sleep quality by eliminating any disruptive external lighting throughout the night.
  • Printed designs allow you to customize the look of your windows while still enjoying the benefits of using blackout curtains.

Types of Printed Blackout Curtains

There are many different types of printed blackout curtains available. Some of the most popular styles include:

Solid Color Blackout Curtains

Solid-color blackout curtains are ideal if you want minimalist styling with optimal light-blocking ability. Many solid color prints come in neutral tones such as black, gray, or white to blend effortlessly into any interior design scheme.

Patterned Blackout Curtains

If you prefer more eclectic designs for your windows, patterned blackout curtains might be precisely what you need. There is an endless array of pattern options available, from large abstract designs to subtle line patterns and everything in between — whatever fits your decorating taste!

Sheer or Lined Blackout Curtains

For those who want some versatility in their window treatments, sheer or lined blackout curtains are a great option as they combine sheer fabric (which allows some natural sunlight) and lining fabric (which blocks out light). This hybrid style will enable you to adjust visibility based on whether you want more or less natural lighting within a room at any given time.

How to Select the Right Printed Blackout Curtain for Your Home

When selecting outdoor blackout curtain, consider both the function of the product and its appearance. Below are some factors to consider when shopping for the right printed blackout curtain:

Consider Style and Decor

When selecting printed blackout curtains for your windows, they must fit nicely into your existing decor style; otherwise, there is potential for a clashing effect that could detract from the overall aesthetics of a room’s design. Carefully consider what accentuating prints will best fit each room’s style before purchasing any specific type of curtain.

Consider Size and Length

Size is vital when selecting window curtains. Ensure that whatever size curtain chosen is not too small nor too big for its respective opening; otherwise, installation may become difficult. Also, consider the length — too long will drag on the ground, whereas too short won’t do enough coverage across a window.

Light Blocking Ability

The goal for most people when buying lights-out curtains is ultimately gaining optimum privacy and blocking out excess external lighting at night. That is why you should pay close attention when browsing stock material ratings related to their general light-blocking ability (i.e., “single-layered” vs. “double-layered”).

Though these ratings vary depending on the brand name manufacturer, generally speaking, thicker fabrics are better capable of providing greater levels of total darkness compared to thinner materials.

Consider Materials, Patterns, and Colors

Many fabrics, such as cotton blends, polyesters, and nylons, can make up printed curtain styles. They all offer unique characteristics, such as various textures, levels of sheen, or matte finishes; therefore, make sure whatever fabric option is chosen suits the desired aesthetic needs.

Additionally, look for bold-colored prints since traditional drapes often appear monotone, whereas contemporary curtain trends favor brighter shades with fun geometric and floral motifs.

Consider Care Requirements

Although highly durable under normal circumstances, certain materials require extra precautionary care & cleaning techniques; therefore, check online product descriptions regarding special laundering instructions beforehand.

Measuring Window Height and Width

To begin the installation, measure the window height and width inside the frame, then cut the rods accordingly. Ensure that the rods extend at least 3 inches beyond each side widthwise while covering the top portion completely; this helps fully guarantee coverage when the finished mounting process begins.

Attaching the Curtain Rods, Rings, or Eyelets

Mounting rods, rings, and eyelets depends greatly upon personal preference but typically involves screwing metal brackets into the wall around the surrounding perimeter.

You can also attach them directly above the window itself using the provided hardware components such as screws and anchor screws (if necessary). Some newer models feature adhesive strips on the backside of each bracket, allowing for simple and easy installation.

Hang the Curtains

Hang the curtains onto either rod using the provided hooks or eyelets. Adjust how far down you want the curtains to hang, and ensure they hang evenly on each side.

Adjust the Hang

After hanging, open and close your curtains to ensure they work correctly. If needed, adjust the tracks/rings/hooks for smooth operation.


Create a unique look in any room with stylish printed blackout curtains. An abundance of solid colors, patterns, and sheer or lined options are available to suit every individual’s needs. These window dressings offer aesthetic appeal and provide reliable performance over time due to the high-quality materials and hardware components used. Installing them is easy when one takes accurate measurements of their windows and selects the right size that fits perfectly.

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