3 Tips For Choosing Child-Friendly Furniture

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If you have a house that’s filled with children and are also looking for some new furniture to fill your home with, it’s vital that you get furniture that’s going to be child-friendly. But finding furniture that is child-friendly involves more than just getting colors that your kids will like. So to help ensure that you’re able to get furniture that will really work for your family, here are three tips for choosing child-friendly furniture.

Get Durable Fabrics

 One of the most important things to look at when getting furniture that will be used around children is the fabrics that cover that furniture. For things like chairs or your sofa, there is likely going to be quite a bit of fabric that will take the brunt of the abuse from your kids. Knowing this, you should always choose fabrics that are durable and will stand up to whatever your kids will throw at it.

Some options that you might want to use could include heavy fabrics that have thick, flat weaves to them. The more rugged the fabric feels and appears, the easier it will be for you to clean if and when spills and stains happen. Additionally, fabrics that are slick like leather can also be easily wiped off in the event that they get something spilled on them. Both of these are great options for furniture and coverings when you have kids.

Watch Out For Sharp Edges

For most pieces of furniture, there are going to be some edges that are sharp and could hurt you if you run into them hard. And when you have kids around, they are bound to get hurt more than you’ve ever thought possible by edges or corners. So to keep this from happening to your kids, it’s best to avoid bringing in furniture that has too many sharp edges.

When you’re looking at furniture pieces, try to incorporate ones that have rounded edges and corners. This can easily be found with things like coffee tables. But even if you can’t find something that’s round, you can look for materials that might have a bit more give to them, like rattan or wicker.

Make Sure Everything Is Functional

With all the stuff that comes along with having kids, it’s going to be important that every piece of furniture that you bring into your home is highly functional for you and your little ones. For example, if you can find furniture that has built-in storage or that can serve more than one purpose, that piece of furniture could be well worth it to you to buy and use.

If you’re looking to choose some child-friendly furniture to bring into your house, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find the right pieces.

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