5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New AC Filter Online

Changing the filter of the air conditioner. Changing filter in air conditioning.


What is more important than breathing the most comfortable air inside the house, especially when you have allergy issues? The demand for air filtering equipment is emerging day by day. There are wide varieties available in the models, types, sizes, and working capacities of air filters, and for this, people may need to be corrected when buying new AC filters. This article will help you know the primary considerations you should make before purchasing air filters online and avoid returning the filter to the store.

5 Mistakes Most People Make While Choosing an AC Filter Online

1. Choosing Wrong Size Air Filter

Commonly, people pick the wrong size when buying an air filter for the first time. This mistake happens because there are numerous varieties of air filters available on the market in terms of dimensions, types, shapes, capacities, qualities, etc. To avoid choosing the wrong size of the new air filter, you must measure the existing air filters and furnace filters. If there is no current air filter on your house, measure the accurate dimensions of the area to be safe while choosing a new one and inform the online store appropriately.

2. Buying Cheap Air Filters

Many think investing high cost on air filters is useless because they become dirty quickly and require frequent replacements. It is entirely the wrong idea because cheap air filters can’t provide the best air filtration. You shouldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. So, it is always safe to buy quality air filters, whatever the outlook and cost are. Always ensure that you pay attention to buying a good quality air filter and installing it properly. Installing an air filter is a relatively effortless task. However, if you can’t install the air filter by yourself, call an expert from Custom Filters Direct to choose the right Merv filter and fit it into your system.

3. Buying a Single Filter

Air filters get clogged over time due to capturing lots of dust, dirt, allergens, pollen, mold, and air particles. So, it would be best to replace it monthly to protect your house’s HVAC equipment and air quality. You should buy more than one filter at a time from an online store to save a significant amount. Many online stores package single air filters for retail at a very high cost. In contrast, you can purchase a high-quality air filter at a low price if you buy it in bulk.

4. Having Little Knowledge about the AC Filters Types

There are many sizes and types of air filters in online stores. Know the type of air filter you need. A fiberglass air filter has to be changed monthly, whereas pleated air filters require yearly replacements. So, know your preferred type and order online accordingly.

5. Not Checking the Reviews Before Buying

Since there is no option to judge the product directly as you are not buying from a store, the only way to get ideas about the quality of the online store and its collections is by checking the reviews. Many people must avoid going through the reviews and buy poor-quality air filters. So, you should know more about the product by checking the reviews.


Choosing the wrong air filter will lead you to go back to the store or return it to the store when you purchase online. Even if you pick the right air filter, knowing less about it and its filtration quality will create significant hassles. Making a mistake with the air filter leads to poor indoor air quality. Therefore, you must avoid the abovementioned mistakes when buying a new AC filter online.

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