Social Distancing is in Full Effect: Should You Seek to Get Insured for Your Home-Based Activities?

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Homeowners protect their homes and themselves more proactively by purchasing homeowner’s insurance policies. The policies offer protection for property damage and common liabilities that homeowners often face. With new changes in society and the need for social distancing, homeowners must review the terms of their policies and ensure that they are protected properly. Reviewing how homeowner’s insurance works help homeowners determine if they need additional coverage for their home-based activities.

Protecting the Property Effectively

Protecting the property effectively prevents the homeowner from suffering a serious loss if the property becomes damaged or is deemed a total loss. Homeowner’s insurance provides either the market value or the true replacement value when the home is a total loss. The terms of the policy define which option is available when filing a claim. However, the property must be damaged by a covered event to get funds to replace it. Homeowner’s insurance pays for damage associated with fires, natural disasters, criminal vandalism, and home invasions. Homeowners who want to learn more about homeowner’s insurance contact Paige & Cambell for more details or a free quote for coverage.

Liability Coverage for Your Pet

Liability coverage for the homeowner’s pet provides funds if a visitor becomes injured by the homeowner’s pet while the visitor is inside or on the property. The liability coverage applies to individuals who had a lawful reason for being on or inside the property. It won’t pay for injuries sustained because the victim trespassed or broke into the property.

Accidents Around the House

Obtaining coverage for accidents around the house helps the homeowner avoid a costly lawsuit if a visitor slips and falls on the property. Premises liability can generate serious financial losses for the homeowner if they were aware of a risk and allowed visitors to enter their home without warning them about the hazard. The liability coverage available through the homeowner’s insurance can provide payments for medical treatments for premises liability-based injuries.

Protecting Your Personal Belongings

Protecting the homeowner’s insurance provides coverage for the property owner’s personal belongings. The terms define how much coverage is provided for personal belongings. For example, policies that offer true replacement value offer the current price for the model that the homeowner lost in the covered event. This applies to electronics and appliances. When the current model isn’t available, the homeowner gets the latest model through their insurance claim.

Protecting Yourself Against Personal Injury Claims Related to COVID-19

Protecting against liabilities associated with COVID-19 helps the homeowner avoid lawsuits if a visitor contracts the virus at their home. Social distancing is required to lower the risk of spreading the virus. Anyone who has symptoms of the virus must be tested and stay away from others until they have recovered. A two-week quarantine is required for most individuals. Homeowners who invite visitors to their home when the owner is infected with the virus face liabilities and claims for any medical costs or financial losses incurred due to the transmission of the virus.

Homeowners purchase homeowner’s insurance to protect themselves and their property. The policies offer protection for liabilities related to visitors who come to the house or walk around outside the home with the owner. With the requirements for social distancing, homeowners must increase their coverage to protect against liabilities related to COVID-19.

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