8 Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

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The bathroom comes with a lot of staff, from cleaning solutions, self-care products, and extra linens to your cozy bathrobes. Fortunately, despite the size of your bathroom, there are various things you could do to make it more functional, clutter-free, and organized. Read on for eight tips for organizing your bathroom to build a spa-like retreat.

1. Declutter the space

The first thing you should do when organizing your bathroom is remove anything you no longer use or need. By decluttering your bathroom, you create a more calming and functional space. Removing everything from your bathroom for decluttering provides a perfect opportunity to deep clean the room. Be sure to remove debris, dust, and grime from the insides of your drawers and cabinets before putting products back in.

To declutter your bathroom, start by going through all your staff. Next, sort them into four categories: “keep,” “trash,” “donate,” and “Belong elsewhere.” Ensure you have boxes to hold items you intend to donate or trash, then get them out of your way. Once you identify the items you want to keep, sort them into similar categories. For instance, you could put hair products together. This makes it easy to organize items when putting them back.

2. Invest in bathroom organizers

Be sure to determine whether or not you need more storage products and bathroom organizers for the products you intend to keep after decluttering. Adding new bathroom organizers and storage products effectively organizes tiny bathrooms with little or no storage space. For instance, you could purchase bathroom-friendly furniture like storage drawers if you have extra paper goods or many bulky towels.

Small baskets can help you organize small items such as hair elastics and makeup. With that being said, ensure the bathroom organizers you purchase fit your products and bathing area. The last thing you want is for the organizers and storage products to become clutter themselves.

3. Organize your cabinets

Consider how items fit and the available space when organizing your bathroom cabinets. If you have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, use it to store products that require easy access or the most frequently used items, including contact solution and toothpaste. However, do not overpack the medicine cabinet to keep products from falling out when opening it.

You could also consider adding cabinets under your sink during a bathroom renovation to store cleaning products in a caddy for easier access and use. You could also use this space to store extra toothpaste tubes and shampoo bottles, among other products you do not use daily. Adding drawers within your cabinets can help you maximize vertical spaces. Contact Easy Bathroom if you are looking for bathroom renovation services in Scarborough to install more bathroom cabinets and add functionality to your bathing area.

4. Buy a laundry bin

Making cleaning up and doing laundry easier by adding a laundry bin. You could use the container for wet and dirty towels. Having a laundry bin can separate your towels from the rest of your clothing pieces, making your laundry routine more straightforward.

5. Add turntables

It may be challenging to organize your staff, especially in a small house with a tiny bathroom. Consider investing in a turntable to maximize the available space efficiently. A turntable enables you to access products that could otherwise be hidden on your counter tips corner or only accessible by moving other items.

6. Have a caddy for each member of your family

If you share your bathroom with the rest of your family, consider having a caddy filled with personal care items for each person. Your loved ones can pull out their caddy daily, perform their morning return, then put it back. Since all products are in one place, cleaning up is easy and quick.

7. Install towel hooks

Consider swapping towel bars with towel hooks. Towel hooks allow your towels to dry better. You could then use towel bars to store hand towels.

8. Organize drawers

You can keep anything in your bathroom drawers; however, be careful not to make them home for clutter. Consider investing in drawer dividers to keep items like lip products and hair ties neat and easily accessible. You could also use drawer containers and organizers to sort similar item categories within your drawers. Be sure to also have a functional organization system whereby you keep items you frequently use on top drawers and those you do not use daily on lower drawers.


Organizing your bathroom does not have to be challenging. Declutter your space, invest in bathroom organizers, organize the cabinets and drawers, add turntables, and install towel hooks to keep your bathroom organized.

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