7 Pool Modification Elements to Consider

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Nothing feels more relaxing than taking a dip in the cool water under the summer heat. Swimming pools enable all kinds of summertime activities. For a more pleasant time, you can personalize your pool and upgrade it. While most people renovate their pools to restore their originality, others add newer materials, advanced system mechanics, or safety features to enjoy an array of benefits in the long run. Continue reading to find the best upgrading and personalization ideas for your outdoor oasis.

1. Vinyl Liners

Vinyl liners are a great alternative to cement walls or fiberglass pools. They come in various colors and patterns, so you can easily align them with the rest of the house’s aesthetic. A vinyl liner forms a barrier between the pool’s original wall and the water, preventing algae from wreaking havoc on the pool or causing decay to stone walls. Vinyl liners last between 10 to 15 years, after which you can cut the liner away from the pool using a utility knife.

2. Pumps

A pool pump cleans and clears pool water. It makes water circulate from the pool to the filter, heater, and chlorinator and gets it filtered and sanitized before it enters the pool again. If you want to upgrade your pool with a pump, make sure you choose the right pump size with the appropriate horsepower for your pool.

Typically, for a residential, in-ground swimming pool, pumps are between 0.75 HP and 3HP. Companies like HY-CLOR supply a range of pool accessories and equipment, including pumps, to ensure water circulation and the prevention of water-borne diseases.

3. Water Features

If you want luxury or elegance to your poolside, add water features such as a spill-over spa, curtain, waterfall, bubblers, or spouts connected to your pool. A spill-over spa is a hot tub connected to your pool, allowing you to bask in hot water after a cool swim.

Waterfalls can be customized using synthetic rocks or stacked stones. While they add a stylish flair to your poolside, they also aid water circulation, preventing sediments from settling into your pool’s foundation. Bubblers and spots perform similar functions while adding visual interest to your pool.

4. Coping

Pool coping is a protective lip separating the swimming pool shell from the surrounding area. It defines the pool’s appearance while helping protect the pool’s  structure by directing splashout away from it and into the deck drain. This feature is typically made of concrete, natural stone, brick, and pavers. Adding one to your pool will allow you to enjoy the seamless decking and waterline tile transition while swimming.

5. Tanning Ledge

The tanning ledge is an excellent addition to an existing pool that’s under renovation. This raised platform is installed just a few inches deep to over a foot creating a feature that softly joins the pool. It provides a safe space for children and toddlers to join their families in the pool. You can also sit and relax on a ledge while tanning and socializing with friends and family.

6. Pool Heater and Cooler

Adding a high-performance heating and cooling system to your pool allows you to swim all year round without worrying about weather changes. Some heating systems include electric heaters, heat pumps, and heat exchangers.

  • Electric heaters are directly installed in the water treatment circuit, allowing water to flow through and get heated before entering the pool.
  • Pool heat exchangers facilitate the transmission of heat energy from the hot water circuit to a colder pool water circuit without direct contact between the two.
  • Heat pumps use energy from the air to generate heat for pool water. You can regulate water temperature according to your preference using these advanced systems.

7. Lighting

Illuminating your pool with in-water LED lights is purely a cosmetic modification. A well-lit pool provides greater visibility, allowing you to relax in the water even when the sun goes down. These water-proof lights are manufactured with robust diodes, so they don’t get damaged easily. They can be programmed to change through a sequence of colors, making the water sparkle even brighter. Also, LED lights are more environmentally friendly than incandescent pool lights. You can install them to enjoy the wonderful ambiance of colors while swimming at night.


You can add new features to your pool for aesthetics or for its functional improvement. With the addition of high-quality pumps and filters, you can minimize the time spent vacuuming and cleaning your pool and keep your pool safe from water-borne infectious diseases at all times. Additionally, with the right updates, you can reduce energy costs and make your pool more inviting.

Pool maintenance is a year-round commitment, but the above features give you peace of mind knowing you are making your pool safer and environmentally friendly.

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