8 Maintenance Tips For Your Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

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You can look forward to relaxing in a hot tub after a long, difficult day. It can quickly melt away all the worry and stress that has built up on your body and allow you to experience bliss for a while.

Soaking in stainless hot tubs has many excellent health benefits. Aside from reducing one’s stress levels, it can relax the muscles and ease the tensions on those tight, tense portions of your body that have been aching all day. Many people love using a hot tub after a demanding work day to allow them to sleep uninterruptedly at night.

Using hot tubs for relaxation and healing has a long history. Even our ancestors know the therapeutic properties of hot water and what it can contribute to one’s wellness. From the ancient bathing houses of the affluent Egyptians to the pools surrounding the volcanic springs of the Greeks and the ‘onsens’ of the Japanese, the hot tub has transcended into modern times.

Today’s widely used hot tubs are wood-fired ones inspired by the Japanese ofuros. Ofuro is the Japanese deep-soaking tub that you can fill as high as you want and a place intended for deep spiritual, mental and physical healing.

Wood-fired hot tubs today look more elegant and sophisticated than those in the olden days. They’re typically made from high-quality cedar wood for the exterior and durable stainless hot tubs for the interior. Additionally, wood-fired tubs are easy to clean and maintain and will provide years of service for your home. To give you an idea of how to maintain your wood-fired hot tubs, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Clean With A Dish Soap

Stainless steel is one of the easiest to clean and maintain materials today. Wood-fired hot tubs manufactured by Stoked and the like are super easy to clean and maintain. After draining the water, use ordinary mild dish soap and a soft cloth, lightly scrub and rinse away.

  1. Don’t Use Any Product On Your Body

Before dipping in the hot tub, it’s much better to have your body free from any products like lotion or oil since this might build up on the drain and be challenging to remove. The same goes for your hair. Hair and body products can be sticky, so it’s best to strip your body free from these by thoroughly rinsing them before going into the tub.

  1. Don’t Exceed Recommended Temperature

It’s imperative always to use a thermometer when using a hot tub. The ideal temperature is 38C or 100F. Exceeding the temperature of 104F or 40C may damage the heater and void your warranty. In addition, it’s not safe to use a temperature exceeding 38C.

  1. Never Use Abrasive Cleaners

Stainless steel doesn’t need much scrubbing and it’ll be clean with just a soft cloth. Mild cleansers are advised instead of chemical cleaners to maintain their pristine condition.

  1. Use Vinegar To Remove Mineral Deposits

The water in your city may have high mineral content that could cause deposits to build up in your tub. To quickly remove this, just put white vinegar on a spray bottle and spray liberally on the tub’s sides. Wipe with a soft cloth to bring back the sheen of the stainless steel. Using harsh chemicals to remove hard water spots might discolor the surface of your stainless-steel tub and become unsightly.

  1. Clean The Cedar Wood Exterior Regularly

The exterior cedar wood cladding of your wood-fired hot tub needs your attention too. After each use, clean it with warm soapy water and dry it thoroughly to maintain its beautiful rustic finish.

  1. Use Water-Based Wood Finish On The Exterior Cladding

In time, your exterior cedar wood can crack, warp, and stain because of the elements outside it’s exposed to. To bring back the luster and beauty of the wood, you may try using a water-based wood finish to restore it and protect it from harsh elements.

  1. Always Cover The Tub

Since your tub is positioned outside your home, it can be exposed to many things that could damage the stainless-steel interior. Although stainless steel can be durable, regular exposure to harsh elements can still increase its wear and tear.

It’d be best to cover the tub to protect it from mud and rainfall. Not only for protection, but the insulated cover can also keep the water hot for extended periods, which is very energy-efficient.


A wood-fired hot tub is a considerably costly investment. Yet taking good care of it will allow you to enjoy using it for many years to come. Keep in mind the tips enumerated above to properly care for your home’s wood-fired hot tub.

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