5 Tropical-Themed Outdoor Landscaping Ideas That The Whole Family Will Love

5 Tropical-Themed Outdoor Landscaping Ideas That The Whole Family Will Love

Landscaping the outdoor area around your house is necessary, especially if you want to have something different than usual. One of the best landscaping ideas for you who live in a warm or hot region is a tropical-themed outdoor landscaping idea.

The most important part of a tropical-themed outdoor landscape is tropical plants. Some tropical plants that you can add are birds of paradise, ferns, elephant ears, banana trees, bamboo trees, and palm trees.

Don’t forget to add a water source like a fountain or pond. For creating a more natural visual appeal, adding rocks is also a good idea. The type of rock which is perfect for tropical landscaping is gravel, pavers, and stepping stones.

We have some tropical-themed outdoor landscaping ideas below to help you to find the best inspiration for your home.

1. Roscoe House by Akin Atelier

Roscoe House 5

The first tropical-themed outdoor landscaping idea that the whole family will love comes from Roscoe House by Akin Atelier. Located in Bondi, Australia, this house’s backyard is beautified with tropical-themed outdoor landscaping that is marked by the presence of banana trees.

Photography: Akin Atelier


2. House Origami by Alexis Dornier

House Origami 6

House Origami by Alexis Dornier is located in Bali, a heaven for everyone who loves warm and tropical weather. This house uses a tropical-themed outdoor landscaping idea to beautify its outdoor area. The palm trees and banana trees freshen the atmosphere around the pool and deck.

Photography: Alexis Dornier


3. San Marino Residence by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

San Marino Residence 9

Located in Biscayne Bay, San Marino Residence by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson also has a tropical-themed outdoor landscaping idea perfect for your large backyard. This house fills up its backyard with palm trees and lots of greenery. The result is fresh and green landscaping that

Photography: Jeffrey Totaro


4. House 24 by Park+Associates Architects

House 24 5

The next tropical-themed outdoor landscaping idea can be seen in House 24 by Park+Associates Architects. Located in Singapore, this tropical home has a large backyard that looks so fresh in green. The big trees and grass help the house create a natural setting in its backyard.

Photographer: Edward Hendricks


5. Secret Garden House by Wallflower Architects

Secret Garden House 3

The last tropical-themed outdoor landscaping idea to inspire you is Secret Garden House by Wallflower Architects. This family home is located in Singapore, a tropical country with a warm atmosphere. The tropical-themed outdoor landscaping in this house can be seen right on its front, making the house looks like a green forest in the middle of a modern city.

Photography: Marc Tey

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