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It is a total misconception to think that you can make your home look more expensive only with custom-made chandeliers, gallery paintings, and handcrafted rugs to order. In fact, sometimes, just a simple rearrangement of the things in your rooms and a fresh look at items you already have can make your space look entirely different – and the best thing is that you don’t have to invest all your savings into this process.

If you want to bring some more value into your place, add an elegant touch to its overall look, and simultaneously keep your bank account intact, continue reading this article. Below, you will find several simple tips created to help your home look classy and save you money. They range from decluttering to adding some greenery inside and focusing on details. Read on so you can learn how to make a huge difference in your home with little effort.


If you want your house to look more expensive, then it’s about time you get rid of old things that not only make your place look ugly but also irritate and get in your way on a daily basis. The same applies to items you do not use enough and those that no longer serve you well. That’s because stuffed and shabby interiors full of mismatched items rarely look classy, and decluttering aims to free up your space and make it neat and clean.

Get in the habit of decluttering your house room by room a few times a year (at the beginning of every new season, for example) to keep them organized and spacious. If you have some areas in your house that are quite difficult to clean, you can use this opportunity to give them a good old scrub. For instance, flat roof windows usually look really elegant, but not when they get dirty with dust and grime.

You can explore sites like to find some tips on how to clean such tricky areas. To make the whole process of cleaning and decluttering more effective, consider including additional fixing and repair work and getting professional maintenance check-ups.

Add Some Greenery

If buying fresh flowers on a regular basis seems like a waste of money to you, but you cannot deny their ability to create the feeling of open space and fresh air, think about the alternatives! You can acquire some artificial plants – invest a little more money in high-quality fake plants for an incredible look. They will last you a long time and look amazing.

The best thing is that if you choose the right options and arrange them beautifully, no one will even notice they’re not real. You can choose some based on your taste, or according to the room’s color scheme, or pick white flowers that will suit any interior and put the desired emphasis. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard the power of living plants and their ability to make your home feel like the coziest place on Earth. They will be more of an investment, but they will stay with you for years with proper care.

The best thing about adding plants and flowers is that they look great in any corner of any room, so feel free to put them on the windowsills, dining and coffee tables, and shelves, or even in areas such as the master bedroom or bathroom.

Rethink the Lighting

Even a tiny change in your lighting situation can bring a considerable difference to the room’s overall look, and making sure that every light fixture is in the most suitable place is crucial. Crisp and light spaces always look expensive, so make sure that your rooms are correctly illuminated – from floor to ceiling.

Don’t worry about destroying your budget with the energy bill, as you can find inexpensive LED lighting fixtures or adjust your current lighting so each of your working places has a focal point.  Another way to bring some light into a room is to change your window treatments – they will cost much cheaper than an entirely new electric alteration but may if you take good care of them and invest in high-quality materials, they will surely last you a long time.

Pay Attention to Details

Small details such as throw pillows, kitchen utensils, or bathroom towels often get neglected in the process of redecorating, especially if someone is trying to save money on them. However, this could be a grave mistake. That’s because such details are what can make your interior design look thought-out and complete.

In most cases, it will be enough to replace some old accessories with new inexpensive ones instead of infringing on a whole renovation. It can be anything from buying new towels and getting rid of the old ones, adding a few brand throw pillows in the living room, or replacing the rundown cookware.

In Conclusion

When decorating your home to look more classy and luxurious, it is essential to take time for every room in order to make the whole place shine. Do not hesitate to update your place, whether it be adding some greenery to your interiors or changing the window treatments.

Still, you should bear in mind that the only thing capable of making your home look more expensive in the long run is proper care of it. Regular cleaning, seasonal declutters, and repairs will give your home a well-maintained appearance and allow you to avoid unexpected expenses. Remember that your house is your oasis. It is crucial to keep this place comfortable and healthy for living, and having uplifting things around will make it feel like your place of power.

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