5 Rustic Dining Room Ideas with Mismatched Furniture

Rustic dining room

Mismatched furniture for your rustic dining room is worth trying. Besides making a unique look to your dining room interior, mismatched furniture also gives an inviting feeling. It is an opportunity to explore your creativity, especially with your home space.

Here are 5 rustic dining room ideas with mismatched furniture to inspire you to be more creative with your home space.

1. Villa Out of the Box by Arjen Reas Architecten

Villa Out Of The Box 5

Villa Out of the Box is designed by Arjen Reas Architecten in association with Van Voorden Architecture which has an inspiring rustic dining room idea with mismatched furniture. The rustic dining furniture in this house looks contrasts with the black wooden island of the kitchen.

Photography: Arjen Reas Architecten


2. The Ibiza Campo House by Standard Studio

The Ibiza Campo House 6

A rustic dining room idea with mismatched furniture also can be seen in The Ibiza Campo House by Standard Studio. The mismatched furniture in this house’s dining room is the wooden table and green chairs. In order to create a balanced look, a small green pot of plants is added to the table.

Photographer: Youri Claesens


3. Protective Hut on Fichtelberg Mountain by AFF Architekten

Protective Hut On Fichtelberg Mountain 7

Protective Hut on Fichtelberg Mountain by AFF Architekten uses mismatched furniture to create a unique and strong rustic look. The rustic dining room idea in this house is about mixing a wooden dining table with rustic black dining chairs. Rustic black pendant lights are also added to match the chairs.



4. Living on the Edge by Arjen Reas Architecten

Living On The Edge 8

Instead of using chairs, Living on the Edge by Arjen Reas Architecten uses sofas paired with a rustic dining table. It is a rustic dining room idea that is perfect for a big dining space. Big rustic pendant lights are also added for this dining room.

Photography: Arjen Reas Architecten


5. Mieszkanie Jaworzno by Widawscy Studio Architektury

Mieszkanie Jaworzno 10

If you want to have a more colorful rustic interior for your dining room, try this idea. Mieszkanie Jaworzno by Widawscy Studio Architektury uses rustic dining furniture in a different bright color. The blue chairs and a white dining table look in contrast but are still good to see.

Photographer: TOMASZ BORUCKI

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