Choosing Your Home’s Design And Maximizing Its Resale Value: The Definitive Guide

Modern house design

Your home is in a prime spot, and it’s accessible to different amenities. It’s convenient. Now, it’s time to maximize its value by choosing a design that works and adding elements that add value.

Are you ready? Here are six ways to maximize your return on property investment.

1.  Make the space feel bigger.

Who doesn’t want a big space? While a small one may look charming and feel cozy when done well, a cramped space is anything but restful. Also, a room that feels more spacious will have more potential in the market. Fortunately, you can work on this and make a space appear bigger than its actual footage.

Surely you can get a great contractor to make you a big space, but you can also do it with the power of perception. One way to do this is to select furniture that fits the scale of your room, but you can also scale it down. Make sure your furniture pieces don’t brush up against the room boundaries in any way. Otherwise, they are too large for it. Also, you should avoid getting heavy, weighty pieces that could eat up much of your space in the room.

Other tricks are the use of mirrors to create a sense of openness, ditching heavy drapes, and painting the room white to make it feel airy and clean.

2.  Let first impressions count.

An extra curb appeal definitely helps any home make a great first impression. Whether you want to sell or simply improve how your home looks, adding curb appeal makes a house look better.

A home’s exterior sets the stage for what’s inside. When it looks nice outside, its value increases. Some easy and inexpensive ways to do this are by keeping your front yard tidy and doing updates that should be done. Make sure your entryway is not dark, so you may need to add additional light sources. And don’t forget to clean your gutters.

Another impactful way to improve curb appeal is to add flowers and greenery. If you want new plants, be sure to get low-maintenance ones. To avoid damage to your foundation, make sure to pick the right trees for your yard.

3.  Spend money on your kitchen.

There’s no better way to start increasing your home value than having a great kitchen. It’s the most important room in the house for many!

You can increase seating and workspace by adding an island to your kitchen design. Countertops and cabinetry also add functionality and elegance. However, spacious and modern storage units are one of the best features to boost home value. You can also add energy-efficient appliances. For the perfect kitchen rug, get one from the Land of Rugs.

4.  Add functional designs.

The functionality of your home features affects its livability and value. If your home lacks functional design elements, your house may look amazing, but you’ll have unusable spaces. You’ll even suffer from high running costs.

On the other hand, when your house has a functional design, you can make the most out of it and boost its resale value.

To achieve a well-designed space, here are some factors to consider:

  • Versatile floor plan
  • Energy-efficient designs, including LED light bulbs and solar panels
  • Storage spaces
  • Accessibility to the elderly and people with disabilities
  • Views and privacy.

5.  Have a dedicated work-from-home space.

The pandemic has changed the way we live and do life, even work. Many people are now working from home, and a home office is now on top of the list of home buyers. With the new normal of remote work, yes, the demand for homes with dedicated offices has increased!

6.  Create more storage.

Ample storage for multiple purposes is always a plus. So, if you can make your home bigger, do so. Expand your floor spaces and create more storage. It could be under the stairs or the bed. As long as there is additional storage, the more, the better. There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to storage. Storage spaces help you organize and make your home look clutter-free.

It’s not just renovation that boosts a property value. As early as the design-build process, you need to consider the resale value of your home. We hope that these tips have helped you add value-adding elements to your home during the design-build phase.

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