Essential Packing Items to Use When Moving

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Some situations will require packing and the right packing supplies are essential, regardless of whether you’re moving to another country or packing your belongings. There will be many items to use but you only need the basics. Moving homes can be made easier if you have the right packing material.

Although you might think that a box and some tape would suffice, it is not. You will need to be familiar with the structure of packing for all types of packing. This will ensure that your most delicate belongings are safe no matter where they are placed and how far they are moving. These are the essential packing materials you will need for moving houses:

1. Sturdy moving boxes

To begin with, all moving objects must be stored in some container for transport and of course safety reasons. A moving box is the best choice because it can hold any object you own; boxes are extremely useful. But not all boxes are equal, it is important to consider which boxes you should use. Some people may choose to use boxes for other products or uses boxes that are given for free at the local hardware store. This can often do the trick but can also lead to disaster. As other boxes may not be strong enough to be stacked on or sturdy enough to hold the weight you are transporting.

You will need boxes that are proportionate to the size of your items, regardless of how large or small they may be. You should also think about the box’s durability. A sturdy box will keep your items safe while you are moving. They must withstand even the most severe bumps. You can find removalists on Find a Mover who can often help with the supply of boxes during your move. Many local movers can provide them for a small charge.

2. Labeling stickers

It can be easy to organize your packing by placing all your belongings into a box. This is especially true if you don’t have much. Things can get a little more complicated if you have a large house to move into with many boxes to pack. Labeling stickers are a great way to keep your packing system simple.

You can get these stickers in multiple colors to make it easier for you. With a marker, write on the sticker the contents of the box. Stick the sticker on the one side of the box. This will ensure that you always know what’s inside. If you want to be efficient, stick them on opposite sides so no matter which way the mover is picking up the box, they can clearly identify the contents and where it belongs.

3. Packing Tape

What is the best way to close the box after you have packed your belongings? Of course, you will need tape. For efficiency, a tape gun would help you tape up those boxes with ease so you can spend less time packing and more time moving. There are many types of packing tape, each with its own purpose. However, it is best to get sellotape for boxes, masking tape should you require some labeling, and fragile tape to identify boxes that are fragile. Sure, you can make do with just sellotape and save yourself a few bucks but it’s not really worth it for the time you will be spending identifying boxes.

You can place your belongings in the box and seal them with a tape gun. To make sure your box is sealed properly, make sure you tape the middle and the sides, this can ensure all your contents are protected from a slight bit of water or rain. Due to the heavy box, you will need to ensure you use tape at the bottom and often a few layers. This helps to protect the entire package.

4. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is an essential moving packing supply, it is able to cushion fragile contents against bumps on the road. Let’s say you’re moving to another city and have to travel long distances. There are likely to be bumps in the road that could cause the contents of your belongings to shift and jump around causing it to move. Bubble wrap can protect your contents. You can cause serious damage to your possessions if you hit a bump too hard or if the driver takes a turn to sharp. Extra cushioning can help to mitigate this.

This is why bubble wrap is the best cushioning material. Simply cut out sheets and slip them between plates or fragile items that need protecting. Even the corners or fridges, your dining table, glass, etc. It is a versatile packing tool that will save you thousands in breakages.

5. Moving blankets

Several moving blankets are required for moving to protect the most valuable of items. It seems like a packing essential that all moving companies should have in supply when moving customers. But not all of them carry it unless specified. A moving blanket is useful in the case of large items that need to be protected. Such as pianos, fridges, freezers, and couches. Having a thick moving blanket enables you to provide cushioning around these items that you want to be protected. Imagine having a dining table rubbing up against your stainless steel fridge and transported for 8 hours on the road. The chances of the fridge arriving at your destination without any scuff marks are very unlikely. Whereas a moving blanket can protect it from all that rubbing.

6. Moving bags

Even though your packing materials require many boxes, small items might need to be placed in moving bags. Clothing and towels and linen are usually best transported in moving bags, this is because they are more malleable than boxes and you can essentially pack them between your furniture to also provide cushioning. You should also label your bags with stickers, just like the boxes.

Choose the best moving company to ensure that your belongings arrive safely without any damage.

7. Moving dollys

This is something that is also useful. If you don’t have many people helping you arrange your furniture once the movers drop it off. A moving dolly helps you place heavy furniture on top as you roll them into position around the house. It also helps when shifting furniture from the truck to the house also. Having it around will save you time and energy lifting.

Compare movers by using moving comparison sites to ensure that your belongings arrive safely without any damage.

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