6 Home Add-Ons/Replacements that Increase Property Value in the D.C. Area

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The median price of a home in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area is around $650,000, so if you’re wanting to sell your home— or even if you simply want to boost its value— you’ll want to aim somewhere around this price. Fortunately, most real estate increases in value over time, especially residential real estate because of all of the renovations that can be done to homes.

However, not all home renovations (and remodels) will increase the value of your property. Where your home is located makes a huge impact on which home improvements will increase property value, so here are six add-ons and replacements to make on your D.C. home.

1. Another Room

One thing the majority of homeowners and home seekers crave is more space, so a new room addition is a great remodeling option for homeowners in D.C. Again, adding just any type of room won’t always increase property value. For example, adding on a home office, library, or workout room isn’t your best option. Instead, look into adding more functional rooms, such as another bedroom and/or bathroom.

If you don’t have the space to add on to your home, there’s another way you can add more space in your house without building onto it. Instead, finish your attic or basement and convert it into an additional bedroom or a full living space, if it’s big enough.

2. Deck and/or Porch

Adding a deck or porch is also a way to expand the size of your home. Most decks cost less than $20,000 to construct, and will easily add at least that same amount to your home. Building a wooden deck is definitely much more affordable than building another room onto your home.

On the other hand, adding a porch to the front (or back) of your house is a little more tricky— but it can still be done in many cases. A deck can easily be a D.I.Y. project, but a porch is a structural addition and should be handled by a professional.

3. Front Door and Garage Door Replacement

Adding new structures to your home is nice, but don’t neglect the structures and pieces that are already present on your home. An example would be your garage door, as most garage doors need to be replaced every 15 years— though you should replace it sooner if cosmetic and/or mechanical damages are present.

When it comes to replacing your front door, you can’t ask for a better bargain with the low cost of upgrading to a new door and the significant increase in value it gives your home. To guarantee an increase, choose a steel-framed door in a contrasting color, such as red.

4. Landscaping

Replacing your garage door and front door are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to curb appeal. Landscaping will greatly increase your curb appeal or the first impression your property gives off to visitors. Your landscaping can be as simple as maintaining the look and health of your lawn and maybe even planting a tree, or it can be more complex and include flowers and shrubbery. Just make sure to plant plants native to the D.C. area for the most success.

5. Roof and Siding Updates

Continuing on the subject of curb appeal, check your roof and siding to see if they need to be updated. Most roofs and siding need to be replaced every 20 to 30 years, but it may differ depending on the material they’re made out of. You should also do routine checks for missing shingles and missing pieces of siding, as these should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

6. Pavilion for Your Patio

Many homes have patios but if yours doesn’t, it’s easy to add. A patio is a great outdoor space for gathering with family and friends and adding a timber frame structure or pavilion is a great way to enhance your patio space, and your backyard altogether. The curb appeal of your backyard is just as important as the front, and making your backyard an extension of your home is something that home buyers love.

Again, you don’t have to be in the process of selling your home to add and replace things. In fact, many of these things are routine maintenance that all homeowners should do. As for the add-ons, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying these for yourself.

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