Tips On Placing Beds In Small Bedrooms

Small bedroom with wooden furniture

There are a few factors that you’ll need to think about when choosing furniture for your home, and space is one of the most important. An essential piece of furniture that you’ll need is a bed, whether that’s for your room or your guest room. If you’re working with a small space, this may seem impossible – but there are various beds that you can choose from that would fit your home perfectly. Read on as we look at a few factors to think about when placing beds in small spaces and the best murphy bed for your home.

Think about size 

When designing the rooms in your home, you’ll need to choose a bed that fits the space that you have and does not look out of place. If you are creating a guest room, you’ll need to choose a bed that can suit a range of people, provide comfort, and still fit the space that you have – especially if it is on the smaller side. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose a large bed to get the most out of your purchase, you can choose a smaller product that offers you all the comfort you need. Here are a few of the most popular bed sizes that can fit into a smaller space perfectly. 


A twin bed is great for kids, teenagers, and single adults – which makes them a great addition to bedrooms and guest rooms. Twin beds, or single beds, are some of the narrowest on the market, which means you can add them to a small space without them looking out of place. As well as this, twin beds are fairly inexpensive in comparison to other larger products, so can work well for those on a budget. You can choose from a range of comfortable and supportive mattresses to fit a twin bed too, whether that’s your standard innerspring mattress, memory foam for added comfort or a hybrid product for the best of both worlds. 

Small Double 

A small double bed or a ¾ bed is perfect if you like a little bit more room when you sleep but you do not have a lot of floor space to work with. You could choose a small double to feature in a teenager’s bedroom, or a guest room so that your guests can benefit from a larger sleeping area than they would with a single, without taking up precious space. 

Full double 

A double bed is larger than both of the options above, but if you’re looking for a bed to fit two adults, this is one of the smallest of all the options. Two people can fit in a ¾ bed but it is a squeeze so a double would be best if most of your guests are couples. You can choose a range of mattresses to fit one of these double beds which means you can create the perfect sleep environment for yourself or your guests. 

Choose a murphy bed  

This is one of the best options when it comes to preserving space in your home. A murphy bed or a wall bed is hinged to the wall on one end, so it can fold up into the wall, to give the illusion of a cupboard when it is lifted. All you must do is pull down your murphy bed as and when you need it, and then fold it back up when you’re done. These beds would be a perfect addition to a home gym or office space that doubles up as a spare room, so you can still have room to work, but also have the option of a spare bed when you need it. A murphy bed allows you to choose any type of mattress that you think would be best for your visitors, and they do not restrict what you can and cannot use – simply choose your favorite, whether that’s memory foam, innerspring or hybrid and add it to your wall bed.

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