Interior Tips: How to Introduce Grey into the Bedroom

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Grey has rapidly become an extremely popular color within the interior design industry, used to create a bold modern look, a chic touch of luxury or even enhancing a traditional décor style. With so many different ways to introduce color to your décor, it’s important to know how to get the right balance, especially with a color like grey. Whether you’re looking to add a subtle touch of color, or you want to make more of a statement, the following tips are aimed at guiding you through the best ways to introduce grey whilst maintaining a warm and welcoming feel within the bedroom.

Combine Different Tones

Having a feature wall within the bedroom with a soft grey finish can really open up space and create a fresh, airy feel. Whilst this is a great way of making the most of the wall space, you can enhance this further by introducing a different tone of grey through your flooring choices. From slate grey flooring to a light grey carpet, you can create a stunning two-toned effect through the separate grey additions to tie the whole look together. By having two areas within the room that tie together so seamlessly, you can then focus on adding pops of color through other decorative features to give the room more character and style, putting your own personal stamp on the room.

Balanced Lighting

Lighting plays a huge factor in the overall feel and atmosphere within a room, so you need to ensure you are getting it right. In any space, you want to encourage as much natural light as possible, however, it’s understandable that you’re going to want privacy from time to time, which is where roller blinds come in extremely useful. Giving you the option to let the light flow freely into the room when desired but having the option to block out any unwanted light during the evening time, roller blinds are the perfect solution within the bedroom. Opting for a shade of grey that complements the existing décor within the room will help to add a touch of character, without taking away from any of the décor in the rest of the room.

You also need to take the light artificial lighting into consideration too. This is where you can bring a subtle touch of grey to the room, without having to go too overboard. By adding a stylish light shade to the main light and any smaller table lamps, you can create a look that ties together beautifully, adding a unique touch to your décor. Just like the stone light shades available at Buster + Punch, a light shade should offer a subtle yet effective design that’s going to help enhance your existing décor and create the perfect balance of lighting when required.

Use Cosy Fabrics

Many people struggle to keep the warmth and cozy feel within a room when they play around with grey, but it’s actually much easier to keep the space feeling homely when you adopt the right materials. Fabrics are everything when it comes to interior décor, for example having a thick chunky grey throw on the bed will instantly add that cozy feel that you want to achieve. You’ll also find that grey bedding and scatter cushions, in different shades, will help to create that warm feeling that you want to achieve.

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