6 Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance

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There are a lot of people who have air conditioners (ACs) in their homes. These units make our lives more comfortable in extreme heat and blistering cold weather conditions. AC units are also expensive, and homeowners want to ensure that their air conditioners last long. If you have an AC unit or two in your home and want it to provide many years of service to you, you should read these handy tips we’ve gathered for you.

1. Clean the Outside AC Unit at Least Twice a Year

If your air conditioner is installed outside, you should regularly clean the outside metal fins of the unit. The air conditioner’s airflow can get blocked by fallen foliage, dust, dirt, or cut grass which will cause the AC to overwork and utilize more energy. AC Services in Noblesville recommend that you switch the AC’s power off and spray it gently off with a hosepipe. If required, you may need to use a soft brush to clean in between the metal fins.

2. Examine and Insulate the Ductwork Properly

Over time the ductwork may become cracked, letting out forced air or refrigerant. Punctures in the ductwork will make the AC unit less energy efficient, leading to irreversible heat damage. Always seal the ductwork with foil and use a sealing compound to ensure that the seal sticks.

3. Replace the Air Filter at the Beginning of Every Season

The air filter is a crucial component of the air conditioner unit. It’s recommended that you change the air filter every three months or every season to ensure the AC works at optimal capacity. Using a cheap fiberglass air filter isn’t a good idea. Rather pay a bit extra and buy a synthetic pleated air filter. These are designed to be more robust, and they last longer.

4. Regularly Investigate to See If the AC Unit Is Cooling or Heating Properly

Do regular inspections to determine if the AC is cooling and working properly. You can check this by testing the unit’s temperature blowing outwards. The temperature should correspond to or be very close to the air returning into the air vent. If there’s a discrepancy, you should check the refrigerant and top it up. If that doesn’t work, you may have to call an air conditioner servicing expert.

5. Try to Set and Maintain the Thermostat at Normal Temperature

Setting the thermostat as far as possible at normal temperature. If the thermostat is set way down when it’s not needed, it’ll waste loads of electricity and produce a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on the air conditioning unit. Rather utilize the thermostat’s timer by setting it to daytime and nighttime. Only set it higher in the evenings when it’s a bit more chili.

6. Replace the Condenser Unit Fan If Needed

A very important component to check is the condenser unit fan. Fans may become rusted or damaged due to wear and tear. All you need to do to check this is switch off the power to the AC unit and inspect the fan for any damage or rust. Visible cracks and rust will require the fan to be replaced. If you find no damage or rust, it may be good to apply a bit of oil.

In Summary

If you follow these easy maintenance tips, your air conditioner will work for years, saving you a significant amount of money having to replace it. Keep it cool!

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