How To Organize A Self Storage Unit Like A Pro

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A self-storage unit can be beneficial when you need extra space for your items. You may be running out of storage as your family grows, or need extra space for an organization before and after a move. Whatever your reason, these units are an affordable, safe space for all your items and keep them safe from theft, dust, dirt, and other damaging factors. Once you get a self-storage unit, knowing how to organize everything is vital in maximizing the space and getting the most out of your money.

Avoid the mistake of having an overloaded and disorganized unit. This article discusses some great tips to remember to start organizing your self-storage unit like a pro.

Make An Inventory List

What things are you planning to store? Are these big or small items? Are they of value or mostly junk? You shouldn’t just stash your things away with little care and let them pile up in the unit. You should be organized and methodical if you want to spare your future self major clutter and headache.

To avoid losing track of your things, create a list of everything going inside the storage space. Use a digital spreadsheet as this can provide you with several functions that give you an overview of your items.

For an extra organization, consider creating a photo inventory. Take photos of each item to help you visualize what you have and in what bin you’re storing it.

It may also be a great idea to create a guide with directions to where different items are inside your storage unit. As you keep adding items to your storage in Auckland down the line, keep updating the list to avoid losing track of your things.

Store Your Items In Clear Bins

Many people opt for cardboard boxes as storage because they are cheaper than other alternatives. However, when organizing a self-storage unit, consider using clear plastic bins. It’s easier to keep track of your things as you can see what’s inside them without digging through numerous boxes.

Additionally, plastic bins are a great long-term storage option. They provide a moisture barrier which isn’t possible with cardboard boxes, especially if your storage unit floods or gets affected by moisture.

Incorporate Shelving

Shelves are your best bet in utilizing vertical space while keeping everything neat and organized. Consider getting some freestanding shelving that you can strategically arrange to hold all your boxes.

By getting storage shelving, you’ll be able to save yourself from the hassle of having to dislodge a stack of boxes to access an item on the bottom. And these shelves will prevent accidents when a stack of boxes loses balance and falls over.

Label Every Box

To efficiently organize a self-storage unit, you need to be able to find and remember where the different items are located. You can do this with ease if you properly label your boxes and bins.

You can print your labels or simply write them on paper using a permanent marker. Write legibly and use waterproof labels to ensure it lasts long. Alternatively, consider using numbers on the boxes and keep a spreadsheet with corresponding items inside. Once your boxes are well labeled, arrange the labeled part to face the entrance to avoid struggling to read it well.

Place Heavy Items Towards The Back And Those You Might Need At The Front

When you begin organizing your unit, begin with large and heavy items on the back and bottom. The heavy items will create a stable base for lighter and breakable items, especially when you need to stack your boxes.

It’s a no-brainer that you may need to place items you frequently use on the front part of the unit for easy access. And some of these items might include seasonal clothing that you’ll need to retrieve once every year. Placing these items at the front will save you the need to go through boxes in the back.

Bottom Line

Self-storage units have the potential to hold a lot of items if organized well. And as seen above, there is a system you may adopt which will ensure that everything has a home. And when organizing, it’s advisable to disassemble and store items vertically, which saves space and keeps everything neat.

In addition, consider leaving a path between the items for easy access. And when choosing a self-storage unit, ensure that the size can fit all your items and those you may need to add later on. With these tips and more, you’re sure to maximize your self-storage unit and keep your belongings safe for longer.

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