Zhengtong BMW Museum: A Home for Vintage BMW Cars

Dominated by white, the exhibition area emphasizes the exhibition pieces as well as their exclusiveness. The horizontal lighting strips can be seen in the main exhibition area and information walls. This area also has integrated screens for multimedia presentations with integrated screens for multimedia presentation purposes.

Family Box – Qingdao: Encourage Children to Play and Learn

Since the early childhood education in China is developing rapidly, the Family Box – Qingdao was designed to keep up with the change. Located in one shopping mall in Qingdao, the space provides a library, shop, and try-out classes for potential customers before the staffs direct the members to the swimming pool area for children as well as classrooms, café, and open play areas.

Qimoo Children’s Apparel: Offer A Friendly Shopping Experience for Children

Crossboundaries include the ‘seed’ which houses all the functional elements required to enhance children’s shopping experience in Qimoo. With the seed, the customers can move around and through while realizing the shop’s vision to direct the kids in adventures of their fantasy and imagination.

Kids Design Week 751 D Park Event and Exhibition Design Project by Crossboundaries

The building emphasizes ‘Grow Down, Shrink Up’ theme which is reflected in the design. This means that children and adults alike are invited to swap roles and explore available workshops, salons, art installations, and exhibitions containing varying activities and topics.