5 Easy Ways to Turn Into a Domestic Goddess at Christmas

Domestic Christmas

Being a domestic goddess is less on the ‘absolutely must-have quality’ list these days and more of an ‘if-I-have-the-time-I’d-love-to-bake’ one. And that’s OK!

However, sometimes you just want to have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve got yourself, your home, and your lifestyle in order. With the holiday season coming up, now’s the perfect time to start working on those homebody skills!

You’ll find the stressful holidays much easier to cope with when you know you’ve got yourself organized.

Here’s how!

First: Define Your Domestic Goddess Aims

To some, being a queen of everything domestic means running a tight ship at home. Everything is clean and tidy at all times and not a hair is out of place.

For others, domestic bliss is remembering to order your Christmas groceries weeks ahead for delivery, instead of running to get them from the store at the last minute.

The number one way to achieve your domestic dreams is to define what’s most important to you. If having a home worthy of real estate programs is it, make cleaning your priority. If cooking great dinners that impress friends is what you’re after, practice your recipes.

Trying to do everything is a guaranteed way to fail. Start small and you’ll soon become a domestic wonder that everyone envies!

5 Ways to Run a Smooth Household at Christmas

If you can manage to make everything run smoothly during the holidays, you’ll be able to breeze through the rest of the year! These easy tips help you have that happy homemaker vibe without any stress.

1. Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Making your own Christmas cards is a great way to show people you care without spending lots of money or time finding presents.

Give the gift of your time: make Christmas card IOUs for the ones you love. Maybe you’ll wash their car. Perhaps you want to babysit their kids for an evening. Anything you like!

2. Write To-Do Lists

Write a to-do list for each week running up to your big seasonal events. Write lists for cleaning tasks, groceries, school events, and work tasks.

Keep them posted somewhere you can see them and tick off something from each every day. It’ll help you keep ahead of yourself and make sure you’re not rushing around!

3. Use Festive Lighting for Easy Decor

Holiday lights make everything look cozy and inviting. They’re an easy way to decorate your home without cluttering the place with lots of ornaments.

Keep your place tidy – but still festive – by using string lights and festive candles to create a warm atmosphere. Scented candles double up as an air freshener, too!

4. Hire a Cleaner

Shh! Don’t tell anyone!
Hire a cleaner for a couple of hours each week before your big festive events. They’ll sort the place out for you and give your time back to spend on fun things, like baking!

5. Cheat with Ready-Made Ingredients

Who really has time to make their own puff pastry? At any time of the year, let alone Christmas!

Get shop-bought elements and bring them together to create a fancy-looking dinner party that doesn’t take hours to make. Cut star shapes out of shop puff pastry, spread with Nutella, bake until golden: easy, quick, and guaranteed yum!

More Easy Christmas Recipes and Tips
Being a domestic goddess in the festive season isn’t easy, but with a few cheats here and there you’ll see it’s easy to achieve. As time goes on, you’ll build a seasonal routine that helps you prepare for the busy holidays!

Remember to check out our Christmas blogs for extra hints and tips to make the holiday season go by without a hitch.

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