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Dressed Salads Designed by LineHouse

An international brand Dressed Salads has established a shop in Shanghai, China. The one responsible for the design is LineHouse that completed the work in 2014. Even though the shop is quite small, it goes with a sleek design that makes the customers feel comfortable while staying and enjoying the food there.

Hayvenhurst: Inviting Ranch Style House

With price, speed, and quality in mind, Dan Brunn Architecture is designing this Hayvenhurst house which is located in the Encino Hills, Los Angeles. The house itself is completed after a 6-month long project and ended up with ranch style design. The concept of this house is an open plan which is dominated by white. Dan Brunn Architecture did not start the project from the scratch, but the end result feels like a completely brand new home. What else can you see in Hayvenhurst? Let’s have a little tour inside!

3 Contemporary Room Decoration Ideas

Today, a lot of home designer will recommend a contemporary style for every homeowner. You can’t call this design style as a modern style because it has some differences. The contemporary style has the flexibility to be changed as you need and as you want based on your variation idea. You can’t do this kind of thing with the modern design style. The key to bringing a contemporary style to your room is using some contemporary decoration which is stylish and cool for any kind of your homeroom. Here are 18 contemporary room decoration for you if you need more ideas.

4 Modern Room Decoration Ideas

A modern room in your home can be the best room design if you know how to make it good. The advantage of using the modern style is its flexibility to be combined with another design style. It is also easy to get some modern decoration. You can buy some decoration your budget or make your own decoration with things around your home. Your room doesn’t have to be a great modern room with great decoration too. Make it simple will be cool for creating a comfortable living area. Here are 20 modern room decoration ideas for your inspiration.

5 Fantastic Bathroom Furniture Ideas

Your bathroom also needs some special furniture, especially for the sink and the bathroom stuff. You can try to use many things like a cabinet, shelves, or even a stone. The most important thing is you can get a proper bathroom furniture as you need, especially when you have a small bathroom space. It is necessary to use furniture with a lot of function for your bathroom, so you don’t have to use too much furniture. You need to see these 15 bathroom furniture ideas first if you need some help.

3 Simple Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

A simple interior design is more suitable to be used for you who love to get modern and elegant home. This kind of interior design is also easy to be created. You don’t have to use many things to decor your home, including your living room. You may need some little decoration to fill this room complete with the wall and floor decoration too. If you have minimalist living room, you must try to design it with a simple interior design. You can look at these 16 simple interior design ideas for the living room first to get some inspirations.

5 Beautiful Interior Design Ideas

You should make your home is not only comfortable but also beautiful and lovely. Every people have different taste of comfortable home, but most of them have the same opinion about a beautiful home. You can try to make your own home interior is nice to see with many ways, especially designing its interior. Colors, accessories, and furniture are your media to create a beautiful interior design. If you are creative enough, you can try to apply your own idea for your home interior. Check out these 16 beautiful interior design ideas if you need some ideas.

5 Cool Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

With some makeover here and there, your basement will be one of the most comfortable spaces in your home. It does not matter if the size is rather small, you still can decorate it as you please. But before you start the makeover project, you should consider these 16 basement decorating ideas for your

5 Stunning Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

There are many interior design ideas for a living room that you can choose. Before you choose one of them, you need to identify your own living room first. Each living room needs different interior design based on its shape, size, and also its function for your family. The most important thing is choosing a good interior living room design idea that you need for living. Take a look at these 17 interior design ideas for the living room first before you choose one of them.