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Three Elements: A Compact Middle-Rise Villa with Three Elements in Its Architecture

Designed by an international bureau, Kerimov Architects, Three Elements is a 780 sq. m three-story villa located in Jurmala. The goal of this awesome project is to design a compact middle-rise building with three elements that should be embodied in its architecture.

Casa do Cabo: An Environmentally Friendly House with the Predominance of Horizontal Lines

Sits on a hill on the southern coast of Portugal, Casa do Cabo is an environmentally friendly house designed by Kerimov Architects. This 1250 sq. m house is designed with an awesome architecture that is characterized by squatness and the predominance of horizontal lines.

Clarksville Residence: A Complete 21st-Century Overhaul while Keeping the Historic Preservation

Located among the few remaining in a historical neighborhood, Clarksville Residence is a 100+-year-old Austin house that has been rebuilt and restored by LaRue Architects and the team. It is a complete 21st-century overhaul project while keeping its historic preservation.