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Loiron School of Music and Municipal Services: Performance Hall and Music School Building

One of the awesome things from Loiron School of Music and Municipal Services building is the performance hall. This hall is completed by more than 250 seats for the audiences. The seats are designed in red color which is perfect for the black background of the hall.

Converting the Former Fitram Industrial Area into a New Library

Although the idea to transform the industrial area was quite a challenge, the firm was able to establish a place that offers an opportunity for growth, training, and socialization through reading and culture. This belief was immediately seen as a tool of connection and sharing of rediscovery and perception.

Kunshan Science & Technology Park Office: A Science Park with Modern Design Standards

The building also features the curtain wall system, presenting a collage of three types of stones in different shades of gray, textured and transparent glass panels, and operable glass windows. Overall, the mix creates a remarkable visual effect. In addition, the façade showcases a diversity of appearances depending on the weather conditions.