How to Find Cheap Movers That You Won’t Regret Hiring?

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When it comes to moving, unexpected fees and insurance costs can bring you down to your knees. Moreover, when you hire cheap movers, you’re worried about the safety and security of your belongings. Keeping these concerns in mind, is it a good practice to hire a cheap NYC moving company?

When you get the first quote, it helps you understand what you can expect from your moving company. Moreover, when you compare it with other companies, it can become less stressful to choose a cheap moving company.

How to Find Cheap Movers That You Won’t Regret Hiring – 5 Tips

Sometimes we hire cheap movers but regret our decision the whole life. But, after following the below-given tips, you’ll not only hire cheap movers, but you also won’t regret it.

  1. Get Onsite Estimate

There is a lot of difference between getting an onsite cost estimate and an on-call estimate. Call movers and let them know what items you want to move. It will help you get the most accurate cost estimate. When movers refuse to visit your home for providing an estimate, and they just want to do it on a phone call, it means that they’re scam or not trustworthy.

When movers visit your home, ensure that you get the estimate in written form. If they don’t provide a written estimate, it means the estimate isn’t official.

  1. Get Multiple Cost Estimates

It’s never a good practice to hire the first company you contact for a cost estimate. They might be offering you a price that is within your budget, but still, it’s not a wise thing to hire the first company you contact.

Contact at least three to four moving companies, get their quotes and compare their services to see which one is reasonable and provides the required services. It can help you choose a company according to your priorities.

Ensure that you get the flat rate quote from a moving company. If the company doesn’t do that, it means that it will have lots of hidden charges, and it can turn your cheap move into an expensive one.

  1. Review the Quote Carefully

Some people only look at the price at the bottom of the page and sign a deal. In fact, they do the worst thing by following this practice. When you get cost estimates, ensure that you review them. It will help you understand what services you will get.

Do you want all the services mentioned in the estimate, or do you want to skip some of them? Is there any hidden fee or tax? If you have any questions, contact a moving company and clear all your confusion. Generally, there are two types of estimates, such as:

  • A Binding Estimate

It’s an agreement between the moving company and you, and it states that there will be no additional charges beyond what’s stated in the contract. In case you need additional service in future, you can discuss it with the moving company.

There are two possibilities. One is to get a new binding estimate or pay extra charges for the service you want to get. Some companies might take the additional fee on a moving day, and some allow you to pay that fee within 30 days of relocation.

  • Non-Binding Estimate

It gives you an estimate of your average moving cost, but it doesn’t guarantee the actual and final moving price. In this cost estimate, the costs are determined based on the weight of the moved items and the services you get.

It’s not recommended when hiring cheap movers because it can turn out to be the expensive one in the end. When you get a blank written estimate, don’t sign the contract. Mostly scams or untrustworthy companies follow this practice.

  1. Understand the Damage and Losses

Now there is a strict federal law for moving companies. According to the law, moving companies are liable to pay the price if the items are damaged or lost during the moving process. But you’ll not get the actual price of your belongings because there are different types of liability. For example, in the case of released value protection, the moving company is bound to pay you $0.60 per pound if the item is damaged or lost.

In this type of insurance, you don’t need to pay anything. Just sign the form, and you’re all set to go. The second option is third-party insurance. In this case, you’ll get the amount for items equal to the amount of insurance you have paid.

If you want a high level of liability, full value protection should be your first priority. In this case, the mover will either replace the damaged equipment or get it repaired. Liability fees vary from company to company, so get all the information about insurance in written form so that you can understand which liability option is best for you.

  1. Ensure That You Choose the Right Company

The topic of this article was how to find cheap movers that you won’t regret hiring. In this tip, we’ll summarize how can you do it. You get quotes from different companies, but how can you tell that the company you choose is reliable?

You can research to ensure that company is trusted and insured. Visit their website to check reviews and ensure that it contains all the information you need. If something in the contract isn’t clear, you have every right to ask it before confirming a deal. More importantly, the company must be certified. Otherwise, it might be a scam. Better Business Bureau can help you find if there are any complaints lodged against that company.

Final Words

After following these tips, you’ll hire cheap movers and won’t regret hiring them. When everything is transparent, it will ensure that you don’t pay extra charges and you get what you need. It’s better to spend some time finding a reliable moving company instead of regretting it for the rest of your life.

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