How To Create The Perfect Games Room at Home

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It’s a widely accepted belief that people across the country are spending more money and time on their homes than ever before.

Entertaining friends has become a much more popular night than before the pandemic, with people spending lots of money on their homes whilst locked down. That might have been on their garden area or internally in the form of a games room.

A games room fulfills two roles within the home. It’s great for having people around your house and entertaining, but it is also good for playing games alone. During the lockdown, when we couldn’t have friends over, more than half of the US turned to video gaming instead. With a big gaming chair and huge television, a games room provided the perfect place to indulge.

However, you can now have people in your home, and you may want to repurpose space for entertaining, making your games room versatile and great for having fun with friends. If that’s the case, we’ve got some solid suggestions for items to bring into your games room in 2022.

8-Ball Table

Billiard Table in a Lounge

8-ball, known as pool elsewhere globally, is enjoyed by millions across the world. You can find an 8-ball table everywhere, from college bars to city saloons, and they make a great addition to your games room. If you have the space, it’s a great centerpiece for your room and can provide hours of entertainment. They tend to be six or seven feet long and three or four feet wide. You need to make sure you have a good five feet all the way around as well for taking the right stance. If that fits your games room, then you’ll be breaking soon.

Poker Table

Poker chips and deck of cards sitting on edge of poker table.

One drawback with 8-ball is only two, maybe four can play at a time. Poker is a game for up to eight people, and it’s also wildly popular in the US. The recent World Series of Poker aired on several networks and drew lots of interest, which is sure to manifest in amateur players getting started. You can just play poker on a normal table, but if you’re serious about your games room, why not go all-in on buying a poker table custom-made for the job? The really good ones have chip racks, LED lights, custom felts, and even mobile phone chargers. Just don’t spill the dips on the felt!


Foosball Table 189846 960 720

For many years, Fussball, or table soccer, has been part of US culture; who can forget Chandler and Joey playing games in their flat in Friends? Luckily, it is neither expensive nor particularly space hungry. A decent Fussball table will be easy to put away when not in use but can provide hours of entertainment. You might even find one with different tops to go on, meaning you can play air hockey and other fun games.

Big Couch

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A games room might not be about the games you play in it, but the games you watch. NFL games draw around 17.1m viewers ever live broadcast, and if you and a friend are one of those, you might just want a big couch to chill out on whilst the game is on. Indeed, not all games room furniture needs to be something you play on, and comfort is paramount for unwinding, so if in doubt, just double down on a big couch and stick on the game. Often, choosing suitable and quality furniture can set your games room apart much more than the games you intend to play in it.

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