7 Useful Ways To Properly Renovate Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of your home—the place where the whole family gathers to spend some quality time together. Yet, over time, like everything, the tiles break, the cabinets lose their color and shine, and the kitchen becomes the most dreadful part of your home, making eating dinner there less delightful. Therefore, in the text below, we made sure to share seven useful tips on how to properly renovate the kitchen.

Paint the cabinets

Painting the kitchen cabinets is a bit more work, but it’s an incredibly inexpensive way to freshen up the space. You’ll need about two cans of paint and a primer for a glossy finish. Regardless of whether you opt for dramatic black or soft dove grey, a few coats of paint will completely transform the look of the entire kitchen. It’s a better solution than buying new cabinets and perfect if the old ones are in great shape but are just missing a bit of shine. While you are at it, look at how you organize your cabinets, as sometimes the lack of space is the number one motive behind kitchen renovation. Yet, what most people miss is looking at all the unused space they have and never thinking about it. Move a few boxes here and there, make sure to categorize spoons with knives and other silverware, and you’ll have much more space available.

Change the tiles above the sink

If you want to transform the entire look of the kitchen without starting from scratch, invest in new tiles. You can choose those with the appearance of marble, which are the most elegant, and those who are braver can choose some colorful ones, which will give a special charm to the kitchen. Tile replacement should be done by professionals nevertheless, as it is a one-time investment and if it is done properly, it can last you a lifetime. If you are wondering if there is a kitchen renovation company near me, there are also valid and legitimate websites that are archiving and assembling all the information on proven renovation teams, citing their credentials and references. This way, you’ll bypass possible scammers. We also advise looking for high-quality tiles and also being bold and making sure to go for new and daring patterns.

Change handles on cupboards and drawers

You won’t believe how quick and easy it is to refresh outdated handles. Replace them with brass ones in an interesting shape. Those details will make your kitchen trendy, but won’t cost you a fortune. While you are at it, look at ways to incorporate other interesting details into the kitchen, which will in turn create a more pleasant and overall better environment.

Paint the walls

Maybe you love the color of your cabinets, but the rest of the kitchen seems drab. The solution is, of course, always whitewashing. Whether you go for a lighter or darker shade, just choose a color that complements your cabinets. You’ll have to look for special paint that sticks to tiles if you plan on painting them instead of replacing the old ones, or if you simply stick to the walls, make a bit of dark/light contrast with the cabinets.

Cover the counter

Unfortunately, not all of us have the kitchen counter of our dreams. A quick way to freshen it up is to cover these surfaces with a large wooden cutting board or slab of marble. This idea works especially well if you want to camouflage an area that has been damaged until you are able to completely replace the work surface.

Long counter in spacious kitchen


Don’t forget this step on your planning list. The role of light in the kitchen, whether natural or artificial, is very important. Also, it decisively affects the atmosphere in the room and makes it pleasant, cheerful, romantic, or gloomy – due to the lack of adequate lighting. If you make a mistake with a bad arrangement of artificial lighting, you can harm both the functionality and the aesthetics of your new kitchen. Keep in mind the required amount of light for the various activities that take place in the kitchen. One of the simpler solutions is that the working part of the kitchen has sources of artificial light, the intensity of which can be adjusted depending on the need.

Replace the sink and other elements

A simple yet effective way to renovate the kitchen is by replacing all the functional parts such as sinks, faucets, and electrics with new ones. With all these replacements and changes, your kitchen will look stunning and amazing.

We hope you’ll find these simple tricks more than useful and renovate the kitchen, giving it a new and more pleasant overall look.

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