5 Stylish Garden Suggestions to Get Your Outside Space Ready for Guests

Modern house with garden swimming pool and wooden deck
Modern house with garden swimming pool and wooden deck

With the winter months waning and the promise of spring just around the corner, those in the UK may be eager to get back out into their gardens and celebrate with friends. Over recent years, our lawns, patios, and verandas have become the equivalent of our local pub garden, so it’s only natural that the public would be eager to venture out into them again.

However, the winter months are not renowned for being kind to our outside space, so some may be considering how their lawns, gardens, and verandas could be updated in time to host guests. Could your patio and decking be due a clean?  Do your potted plants and fresh flowers need to be refreshed? Is your outdoor furniture looking dated or discolored?

Viewing your garden through different eyes may help you discover which areas of your outer space may need a refurb. To help you get your outer space ready for family and friends, we’ve created this list of stylish garden suggestions from outdoor furniture to al fresco dining so you can impress your guests and create an environment to relax in during good weather.

Add Cover For Warm Weather

One of our suggestions for getting your outside space looking stylish is to impress family and friends by adding a cover or shady areas in preparation for warmer weather. You may be endeavoring to get your outside space ready for a social gathering or a special event like a birthday, anniversary, or christening. In this case, you could consider hosting a barbeque that would give you the chance to show off you’re refreshed outside space and spend quality time with your family simultaneously.

Plan for warm weather by providing coverings and shade so your family members can enjoy the sunshine without too much exposure. You can keep the sun at bay by purchasing pop-up gazebos, climbing plants, and parasols.

Or suppose you’d like a more permanent shady feature. In that case, you could consider contacting companies such as Nationwide Home Innovations, which specialize in installing patio awnings, verandas, and many more coverings to keep your guests out of direct sunlight. Peruse their website for more information about their range of stylish covers and how one could spruce up your outdoor space in time for visitors.

Create An Al Fresco Dining Area

Also known as outdoor dining, alfresco dining is especially popular during the warmer seasons and can be a great way to entertain family and friends. Hosting events that cater to friends and family can help optimize the party atmosphere, and nowadays, there is no shortage of alfresco dining options to choose from.

Whether you enjoy cooking out in the open on a gas barbeque or prefer making fresh pizza in an outdoor pizza oven, many options are available for individuals looking to create an outdoor dining experience. You could even go a step further and add a complete kitchen with worktops, fridges, and a sink – complete with a dining area and a comfortable seating area; your garden could be the stylish outdoor area of yours and your guest’s dreams.

Clean Or Replace Tiles

An easy way to make an outside area look more stylish and ready for entertaining guests is by cleaning or replacing any discolored or cracked tiles. If you’re willing to spend a little money, you could refresh your patio area completely by replacing your old garden tiles with fresh, new ones from your local garden center.

On the other hand, you can make garden tiles look fresh again in a cost-effective manner by giving them a good clean. First, clear your patio area, then use patio tools and warm soapy water to help you get in-between slabs. As a finishing touch, you may find it beneficial to polish the surface with kitchen scourers or follow-up your efforts with a pressure washer if you’d like a deep clean.

Add Lighting For Darker Evenings

Adding lighting elements is another way to make your garden look stylish for guests and ensure that your event lasts long into the evening. There are many ways that you can use lighting to beautify your outside area, from placing candles on tabletops to adding solar-powered fairy lights to trees, hedges, and fences which are a cost-effective and ecological way to light up your garden as the sunlight fades. Suppose you’re willing to spare a little more money. In that case, you could consider investing in a fire pit, lanterns, or LED lights which will create a cozy atmosphere, especially when used in conjunction with a comfortable seating area.

Add Decorative Plants

Adding hanging baskets, fresh flowers, and flowing, leafy potted plants is another way to make your garden look stylish and ready for guests. Not only that, but they can help you create a tropical vibe, which is lovely to be around on a summer’s day. Opt for decorative plants that have a mixture of big, floppy leaves, likewise with blooms, as it creates a secluded canopy atmosphere and can help give you privacy if sunbathing.

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