5 Reasons Why Maintaining Your Furnace is Important

Chef puts freshly baked hot pizza from a spatula in a box. Catering kitchen work.
Chef puts freshly baked hot pizza from a spatula in a box. Catering kitchen work.

Keeping the Property Stable

Beyond comfort and property value, having a furnace that keeps your property at the temperature you want is actually part of maintaining the property overall.

Especially in climates where the temperature drops below freezing, issues can occur that are quite expensive without heat. We’ll cover these and other reasons keeping your home’s furnace well-maintained is absolutely essential.

1. A Strong Furnace Means a Comfortable, Safe Home

Optimal living temperatures for a home are somewhere between 65º and 80º F, depending on the homeowner. The average tends to be 68º to 78º, but some homeowners like it warmer, some don’t.

If your home’s furnace can’t keep things between this range of temperatures regularly, and in a predictably affordable way given the season, it’s going to affect your peace of mind. You may spend money on additional portable electric heaters, which drive up your electric bill. You might constantly be leaving the house to go somewhere more comfortable.

You might find yourself lethargic, and unable to perform other necessary tasks in managing your property. There’s a lot of collateral negativity developing from an inability to make where you live a place where you can also be comfortable, and stress-free. When your furnace works, this issue disappears, you’re more productive, and so everything improves.

2. Homes With Good Heating and A/C Are More Valuable

In short, if you’ve got solid heating and A/C in your house, it’s worth more. People want to cool down when the summer comes, and they want to be nice and toasty when Jack Frost is making his seasonal cameos throughout the community.

If the environmental control options in your house are on the fritz or non-existent, it will reduce the appeal of your property on the market.

3. It Will Last Longer, Maturing the Investment

If you keep a furnace well-maintained, be diligent to replace components as necessary, and have it examined at intervals, it’s going to last longer. The money you spent on it pays you back in terms of utility.

Follow the link for some suggestions from Mister Quik Home Services on maintenance for your home’s furnace. Keep it functioning long enough, and it more than pays for itself.

4. You’ll Save Money if Your Furnace Functions Properly

Certainly, you want to make sure the property is properly sealed, and that you’re strategic about opening and closing the blinds to let in sunlight, or opening the windows to let in cool air during summer. Beyond these things, if your furnace is operating as it should, you’ll have a relatively predictable heating bill, and it won’t cost as much to keep the house warm.

However, if there’s an issue with the furnace, this can cause it to kick on an inordinate amount of times, which could mean you’re overpaying for your home’s heat. Avoiding that through maintenance helps you dodge unexpected utility expenses.

5. You Can Avoid Costly Damage Collateral to Heat Loss

A furnace on the fritz during a cold snap could leave your house below freezing long enough to freeze the pipes. If you have this happen, the cost of repair is extremely expensive. Especially if you have to go out of town for a while, be sure your furnace is in good enough shape to keep the property from freezing. Also, it might be a good idea to turn off the water.

An Advisable Property Management Strategy

A well-kept furnace will keep property safer, help you save money on utilities, increase property value, and generally maintain comfort. If you take care of your home’s furnace, it will take care of you. Be sure to have it inspected at intervals.


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