How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

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Windows are a very important aspect of both the interior and exterior of one’s house. Moreover, besides the aesthetic function that they serve, they serve an essential role in the insulation of a house or apartment from external factors such as weather, noise, etc.

However, as with any other home element, there is wear and tear that accumulates over the years of service. Nevertheless, the signs of window imperfections and faulty operation may sometimes be hidden, while, on the other hand, they can be salient.

In that way, we bring you a list of some reliable signs that your windows may give you and tell you when it is time for a replacement!

Recurring draft

If you feel there is a draft in your home, you should check if all your windows are closed. If, however, you ensure all your windows and doors are closed but there is still a draft, and a recurring one, then this may be the first of major signs that you should hire a window installation service to solve the problems with your window or windows. Although some home repairs and chores can sometimes wait for a repair, be sure that that should not be the case with windows.

This is because of many issues that can arise from bad home insulation in terms of windows. For instance, it can be unhealthy to stay on draft for a prolonged period since this can cause certain health problems. Not only that, a draft can significantly reduce the general feeling of comfort and coziness in the house.

By the same token, your guests might also get a rather negative impression of your house or apartment. Given all this, it is certainly a good idea to fix and maintain your windows adequately so that you can ensure the best home experience.

Condensation between the glass panes

Further speaking of the signs that tell you when is the time to replace your windows, the next suggestion concerns the recommendation that you look if there is condensation between the glass panes. You can notice this occurrence best on cold days.

This is because of the heat inside your room and the cold outside which, in turn, results in condensation in your windows. Naturally, condensation may sometimes occur and disappear, but this is not necessarily the case when you should take radical measures to repair it. In other words, don’t panic, it can sometimes happen even with sound windows.

Nevertheless, if you notice there is excessive condensation between the glass panes, then you should pay more attention to it. Namely, the excessive condensation quite often means that your current window’s glazing is losing effectiveness. Taking this into account, moisture finds its way to crawl into the space between the windows, and due to the warmth from your home, it condensates.

Audible noise from the outside

The noise from the outside can often be unpleasant and even disturbing. Nevertheless, the good thing is that we can easily solve this problem by closing our windows. If, however, closing your windows makes no difference, or only to a certain degree, to the audibility of the noise outside, then you may feel a little bit betrayed by your windows. At the same time, this is another major sign that your window(s) needs either a replacement or a repair, based on the gravity of its imperfections.

Difficulty opening, closing, and locking windows

In case you are encountering recurring difficulty opening, closing, and/or locking your windows, then you may give it a closer inspection or call a professional to do it. This is important since windows with broken closing or locking mechanisms can fall victim to a thief, who may take advantage of this and enter your house. Therefore, for both your safety and home efficiency, you should try to immediately solve this kind of problem.

Damaged frames or broken glass

Over the years of service, your windows can suffer much damage either from external factors – such as bad weather with storms and extreme coldness, or internal ones – such as physical damage made by accident.

Nonetheless, damaged frames or broken glass are the most salient signs that your windows need at least a repair. Likewise, they may also be a major sign that they are nearing the end of their service life. In that sense, they call into consideration the idea of getting them a replacement.

Maintaining adequate window insulation brings with itself a lot of benefits in terms of a better home experience. To that end, make sure you spot the signs of faulty window operation and fix or replace them on time!

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